Defense body  for Mr.Ocalan writes to UN Secretary-General

 The defense committee for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria called, in an open letter, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to sue the Turkish occupation state before the international judiciary, and to reveal the fate of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Defense body  for Mr.Ocalan writes to UN Secretary-General
15 January 2023   13:16

 Activities condemning the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan continue.  In the context of the condemned events, today the Defense Committee for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria sent an open letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

 And it stated: "Every day that passes on kidnapping of leader Ocalan from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on February 15, 1999, the ugliness of the results of the international crime by the Turkish state in this regard, by virtue of public international law, is revealed to the whole world.

 This is because of the criminal means and methods it devises against this leader, ranging from being imprisoned in an Emrali prison by an apparent judicial decision.

 Its interior is political, between torture, which is deliberately inflicting severe pain and suffering on the body and mind, in order to enforce absolute control on the one hand.

 And the enforced isolation represented by the continued refusal of the kidnapping Turkish state to the leader Ocalan to acknowledge depriving him of his basic rights or giving information about his fate, which was recently covered by allegations of disciplinary penalties on the other hand.”

 The letter added: “The Turkish state has relied on the pretext of banning any meeting with the leader Ocalan on the part of his family members and his lawyers in Al-Asr Legal Office since 9/9/2022 under a pretext that has nothing to do with any internal or international law or any human custom, except for the absolute power of the people.”  This state is rebellious and bullies the world, and this pretext is the farce of disciplinary punishments, so the leader was kidnapped

 Ocalan is still continuing under these disastrous results after completing the chapter on kidnapping as an independent international crime, and these results are represented starting with to date, the infliction of serious physical and mental harm against a member of the Kurdish people, and this individual is a philosopher.

 The era is for all mankind, and a libertarian leader who fights for freedom and democracy from a new perspective on the world.

 Then, in light of the enforced disappearance, evidenced by the lack of real news about the leader Ocalan for more than 22 months, the state appears.

 Turkey imposed disciplinary sanctions, adding to its international crime of kidnapping a series of international crimes

The other is not only the right of leader Ocalan, but also the right of the Kurdish people and all peoples deprived of freedom and real democracy, here is the Turkish state criminal court in the city of Bursa, and during the review of the members of the leader's family and his lawyers, to inquire about an answer to their request to visit the leader Ocalan, discloses the response to the request with the same argument the pretext is new disciplinary penalties for another 3 months, starting from January 4, 2023.

 Distinguished Mr. Secretary-General... The Turkish state has always defied the international community by committing international crimes, as it has always done

 Intensifying this challenge towards the Kurdish people, whether by isolating what it is committing against the person of the leader Ocalan or in terms of aggression.

 The areas in which the people of Ocalan live, then occupying these areas and committing the most heinous international crimes on them at the same time

 What is happening against the leader in Imrali prison constitutes a crime against humanity, as evidenced by Article /7/ of the Rome Statute of the Court

 International Criminal Court in The Hague" in terms of imprisonment and severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of the basic rules of international law

 Torture, enforced disappearance, apartheid, willfully causing great suffering and serious harm to mental health

 Using toxic substances to paint the solitary confinement room, and classifying all these international crimes with this description is in terms of the article

 /5/ of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article /7/ of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 AD, and the Declaration

 The General Assembly of the United Nations on December 9 / 1975 AD, then its resolution on December 10 / 1984 AD issued No. 46/39 and Articles

 11/10/9/6/5/3 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights within the scope of the Council of Europe, issued on November 4, 1950, as constituted

 collective action of 1948 AD and as stipulated in Article /6/ of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of the year

1998 AD, because the gradual innovation of means and methods to eliminate the life of leader Ocalan in a systematic and premeditated manner, which constitutes the first stage of the two stages of this genocide, because the second stage is represented by the aggression against the people of leader Ocalan.

 Occupying his land on which he lives as an indigenous people, and killing whomever with iron and fire, chemical weapons, and search for everyone who was not able to be killed also and relentlessly, noting the parallelism of the two stages.

 The letter concluded with a sentence of appeals:

 1 - The support of the European Council for Human Rights and its assistance in activating what was stated in Article /19/ of the Charter in terms of what was launched for it in the field of combating torture, and the designation of a special committee for this purpose, whose mission is to investigate torture and investigate its commission, which is a committee /C.P.T/ and in terms of its foundations in holding accountable everything that violates the provisions of its charter, by establishing the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, especially since the leader Ocalan, was kidnapped, seeking refuge that he could enjoy as a way out from the persecution of the Turkish state.

 This is according to the first paragraph of Article /14/ of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 AD.

 2- Implementation of Article /6/ of the Charter of the United Nations, by adopting the General Assembly and based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors of Security by separating the Turkish state from the United Nations Organization, for its persistence in violating the principles and objectives of the International Charter

 It is stipulated in Articles /1/ and /2/.

 3 - The prosecution of the Turkish state before the international judiciary, after the international intervention to reveal the fate of the leader Ocalan and then the completion of a project officially liberating him, because leader Ocalan is the gateway to world peace.