​​​​​​​ Qassas: Turkey targets Ocalanism values

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​ Qassas: Turkey targets Ocalanism values
21 April 2022   03:37

 The Syrian opposition figure, Firas Qassas, confirmed that Turkey targets the values ​​that Ocalanism seeks to inculcate in the culture of the region, which rejects racism and hates war.

 Since the dawn of Monday, the Turkish occupation army has launched massive attacks on the legitimate defense areas in Southern Kurdistan, with the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.  Hakan Fidan at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.

 In conjunction with these attacks, the Turkish occupation escalated its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, as artillery and missile shelling increased on the countryside of Zarkan, Tal Tamr and Ain Issa.

 On this, our agency conducted a dialogue with the Syrian opposition leader and head of the Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria, Firas Qassas.

 The text of the conversation was as follows:

 * The Turkish state launches attacks on Guerilla forces.. How do you assess that?  What are its goals?

 Turkey does not want peace; it lives on maximizing the factors of violence and exclusion through the development of elements of discrimination and arrogance among the components of society in order to quench them with war and target the ethnic, cultural and political other from exploiting every international, regional or local circumstance in order to remain in power.

 As he (Erdogan) is exploiting internationally now, and I imagine that he will continue to take advantage of the Russian-Ukrainian event, which provides him with an additional position in both NATO and Russia to distract the international community from the noise of war and blood that he is waging against the guerrillas and the pioneering forces of freedom in the Kurdish society.

 Regionally, his persistence in the aggression increases the Kurdish factor in Iraqi Kurdistan, whose failure in Iraqi Kurdistan from the goal of the Kurdish people to preserve their will, interests and dignity in the absence of a central role for the Iraqi state.  The increase in his earnings from it in light of the reliable American preoccupation could happen in light of the unprecedented hostile polarization that followed Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 * To what extent are these attacks related to Al-Barzani's visit to Turkey.. and how do you evaluate that?

 It is not difficult at all to determine the link between Masrour Al-Barzani’s visit to Turkey and the start of the attacks on Guerilla. Unfortunately, it is clear that the issue reflects complicity, if not coordination, and cooperation between Erdogan’s Turkey and its aggressive policies, and those who are supposed to be brothers of struggle and owners of an honorable history in the war against Saddam Hussein’s tyranny.

 I cannot understand this harmony between Turkey’s voracious, violent policy of war and destruction and Erbil’s policy, except in the context of abandoning the representation of the Kurdish people’s will and submitting to Turkish hegemony to serve interests related to authoritarian, perhaps clan and regional partisan calculations in the region.

 Unfortunately, the details of the furniture and symbols in the meeting place, the signs of submission and the body language that leaked from the photos of Masrour Barzani's meeting with Erdogan, were blatant and offensive.

 * These attacks coincide with a Turkish escalation in northern and eastern Syria.. What are the objectives of this?

 This synchronicity is natural. The party that fights is the Turkish one, and the regional and international circumstances that he wants to exploit at this time are the same, and the forces of defense of freedom, dignity, justice, human being and the environment, although they are not organizational and political forces are one, but they all take from Al-Awlani an intellectual, philosophical and moral ceiling  Enough to be targeted by the forces of racism and Turkish aggression wherever they are.

 In my estimation, Turkey targets the values ​​that Ocalanism seeks to inculcate in the culture of the region. In its political meeting, values ​​that reject racism and hate war, glorify the human being and his rights, respect his will, which is what affects the policy of Erdogan allies in the killing.

 * What are the limits of these attacks in your opinion?

 I rule out that these attacks will take a comprehensive character, and if I tend to the Turkish government wants them to be like that, Erdogan will try every means anywhere in the world in the interest of staying in power in the upcoming elections. His flirtation with the extremist forces in  His war, is in fact an internal targeting of the efficiency of the elections and the democratic process, which takes place with extremist populist demagoguery tools known for their professionalism and the efficiency of exploiting their interests and the narrow interests of his party on many occasions.

 Although the scenarios that define their limits and success of these attacks, but I strongly expect that disappointment will drag with no longing.

 * What is required from the components of the region to confront these plans?

 The components of the region, Arabs, Kurds and Syriacs, are required to be aware of the extent of the conspiracy against their brothers and their common coexistence that the Ocalanists and their representatives are working for.  The dignity that Erdogan represents and the will for war and destruction he holds are a strategy that is hard to give up.