​​​​​​​Iraqi writer: Turkey commits same crimes of Saddam against Kurds through

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Iraqi writer: Turkey commits same crimes of Saddam against Kurds through
9 December 2021   02:33

 The Iraqi writer and journalist, Shamkhi Jabr, slammed the silence of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons regarding the Turkish army's use of chemical weapons in Başûr, the North part of Iraq inhabited by Kurdish majority, calling on the former to send a fact finding  to investigate the use of these weapons, and stressed that the HPG expresses the aspirations of the Kurds for liberation and the expropriation of the rights denied by Turkey.

 more than 7 months ago;  The Turkish occupation army launches annihilation and occupation attacks against the Medya's legitimate defense areas in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), using chemical weapons hundreds of times along with advanced weapons, with the aim of exterminating the Kurds and changing the demographics and landmarks of those regions.

 On the 24th of last October, the Peoples' Defense Forces, the HPG, announced that the occupying state had carried out 323 attacks with chemical weapons during 6 months, and that the total number exceeds  that.

 On the other hand, the HPG and the Free Women’s Units-YJA-Star show heroic resistance against the Turkish attacks, and the Turkish army has incurred heavy losses, forcing it to withdraw from the areas of Warxilê and Tabûra Arban in Avaşîn.

 On the Turkish army's use of chemical weapons against the HPG's Guerillas in Başûr, our agency conducted an interview with the Iraqi writer and journalist Shamkhi Jabr, who considered it a crime rejected by moral values, norms, laws and international agreements.

 The text of the interview as follows:

 * Since April 23, the Turkish state has launched attacks against Başûr Kurdistan, in your opinion, what is the real goal behind these attacks?

 Many international media, as well as activists and politicians, spoke about Turkey’s use of internationally prohibited chemical weapons by the Turkish army, committing the same crimes that Saddam Hussein committed against the Kurdish people. This  requires the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to send a field delegation  to investigate and evaluate the consequences of using these weapons against the Kurds in northern Iraq.

 Hence, human rights defenders must defend the Kurdish people in the face of Turkey, which is committing great injustices that are considered genocide, which was condemned by all international conventions and laws.

 Turkey's inability to confront the Kurdish people or respond to their legitimate rights is what has brought it to this level of egregious violations.

 * The Popular Defense Forces valiantly repel the Turkish attacks, and inflict heavy losses on the Turkish army, which forced it to withdraw from some areas. How do you evaluate the resistance shown by the HPG?

 The right is all the right of the people in the face of aggression, and this is an expression of the vitality of peoples defending their national, cultural, economic and political rights.

 The HPG express the aspirations and hopes of the Kurds for liberation and the wresting of the rights denied by Turkey.

 * According to information and data issued by the Popular Defense Forces, the Turkish occupation army has used chemical weapons hundreds of times, and as a result more than 30 fighters were martyred.  Its introduction, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, did not move a finger. In your opinion, why?

 Unfortunately, some countries turn a blind eye to the violations committed by Turkey, taking into account its economic interests and commercial relations, ignoring or ignoring human and human rights values ​​and international laws. Even international organizations submitted to pressures from some countries and did not intervene and did not move a finger to investigate these crimes.

 Even the demonstrations that took place in front of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were ignored and even suppressed.

 Q: So far, neither the Arab countries nor the Arab League have expressed any explicit stance regarding the Turkish attacks, whether they were in Syria or Iraq. What is the reason, in your opinion?

 The Arab countries do not differ in their positions from some countries of the world towards the crimes of the Turkish state and its disregard for these crimes, taking into account its interests and relations despite the atrocity of the crimes committed against the Kurds, which are crimes of genocide rejected by all moral values, norms, laws and international agreements.  This requires serious and quick action by activists and media professionals who embrace human values ​​and sympathize with the issues of oppressed and violating nations.

 * What is required of the Arab League now, to deter the Turkish attacks, especially that the Kurdistan society has made it clear through a statement that the Arab-Kurdish alliance is enough to deter the Turkish occupation?

 Communicating with civil society organizations, popular organizations, federations and independent unions and conveying the voice of the Kurdish people to all free Arabs in order to adopt a clear and firm position in sympathy with the Kurdish people and supporting it in order to achieve its goals of freedom and dignity is the way to achieve clear and effective Arab support.