koçer: Turkey's goal is not only Syria, but also Iraq

Reportaj Summay

 koçer: Turkey's goal is not only Syria, but also Iraq
24 April 2022   23:22

 Hasan  Koçer explained that the world powers assigned Turkey to launch attacks against the region, and the main goal is the partition of Syria, which Turkey has effectively divided, and that the policy followed by the Damascus government is incorrect. He stressed that the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party is against patriotism and human values.

 During an interview with our agency, Hasan  koçer assessed the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria and southern Kurdistan.

He drew attention to the Turkish colonial plans in Syria and the Arabs.  He also highlighted the international support for Turkey's colonial plans, as well as the KDP's trading in the Kurdish cause.

 The following is the text of the interview:

 • The Turkish occupation state has recently intensified its attacks against northern and eastern Syria, through drones and bombing cities with cannons and missiles. What do you think is the reason?

 Turkish attacks on the region are not new. After the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and the Arab Spring, the Turkish state played a subversive role in the region, diverted the course of the Syrian revolution, removed it from its democratic content, and destroyed the hopes of peoples, by supporting extremist factions and ISIS mercenaries.

 I mentioned that the attacks are not new and will continue, and the first and main goal is to eliminate the democratic project, to divide society and the peoples of the region, and to eradicate the culture of the peoples.  As for the second goal, it can be divided into two parts. The first is about the Kurds, as Turkey aims to eliminate the Kurdish people;  Because it suffers from Kurdish phobia, and enjoys killing Kurds, the Turkish state was founded on the denial of the Kurds and the peoples of the region, and the second part is related to the attacks against Arab countries, as it seeks to create chaos in the Arab countries.

 The aim of the Turkish attacks is to restore its old worn-out empire, to impose its control over the Arab regions, the chaos it created in Syria, and to interfere in the affairs of the Iraqi state and threaten its stability, and the interference in the Libyan affairs is proof of that.  Turkey is a rogue state, it does not listen to anyone, and the international community's silence is on purpose, and in support of the policy of the Turkish state.

 Everyone knows that Turkey has supported ISIS. The silence of the international community proves its participation in the crimes, killings, extermination and displacement carried out by ISIS and the Turkish occupation state, which bombs through drones on a daily basis, the citizens and peoples of the region.  This is all a well-thought-out scheme to break the will of the people, spread terror and fear, and destroy the democratic project.

 • There is no crime left but committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of northern and eastern Syria and the occupied areas in particular, but the international community remains silent, as if it does not see what is happening at a time when we see that it is making statement after statement regarding the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, in your opinion.  Why does the international community and human rights organizations follow this silence?

 The international silence regarding what is being subjected to north and east Syria and Syria is very clear. If it does not affect its interests, it remains silent. As for Ukraine, it has interests, aiming to tighten the screws on Russia, and turn Ukraine into a war zone, and this serves its interests.

 Therefore, the Turkish attacks against the region serve the interests of the international community.  This is a clear fact. Russia and America claim that they are guarantors of the cease-fire, but Turkey targets the region before their eyes. This means that they do not pay any attention to these agreements.

 The policy of the international community is a policy of duplicity. It raises its voice regarding Ukraine and remains silent about the attacks on northern and eastern Syria.This means that Turkey serves the interests of international powers.

 • The intensification of attacks against northern and eastern Syria came in conjunction with the joint Turkish attack with the Kurdistan Democratic Party on the legitimate defense areas. Is there a connection between these developments?

 Yes, there is a link. Turkey's goal is not only Syria, but Iraq as well.  Turkey is now playing a role based on creating a new balance in the Middle East. The great powers have commissioned Turkey to launch these attacks.

 The attack on southern Kurdistan now is not only carried out by Turkey, but there are other forces that have a hand in it;  Some forces remain silent and this amounts to support for Turkey. There are other forces that indirectly support Turkey in order to liquidate the Kurdistan freedom movement.  This is evidence that there is no international solution to the Syrian and Iraqi crises as well. Therefore, it seeks to deepen the crisis.

 Turkey interferes in most countries under the pretext of its national security.  Here it is necessary to ask a question;  Do these countries not have national security? Is there no national security for the peoples of the region as well?  Why is the sensitivity of the national security of the peoples in Iraq and Syria not taken into account?  Why is the sensitivity of Turkish national security taken into account?  This is evidence of the systematic destruction of Iraq and Syria.

 • How do you describe the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish occupation state in the attacks launched against the legitimate defense zones, and what are the repercussions of this on the Kurdish issue and the peoples of Kurdistan?

 This affects the Iraqi state and the Kurdish people as well.  In Syria, too, the party’s support for armed factions, so far some parties linked to democracy are within the coalition, and these parties say: “We liberated Afrin, and there is no occupation.”  These are the sayings of the parties associated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

 The people of Southern Kurdistan are not like the Kurdistan Democratic Party, they are a people of dignity, and they will not accept that the Turkish state snatches their gains.  The KDP has interests with Erdogan at the expense of the Kurdish cause and blood.

 The visit of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to Turkey is irrefutable evidence of its participation in the attacks launched against Southern Kurdistan, and this participation will exacerbate Kurdish problems, and we must also know that this participation threatens the gains of Southern Kurdistan.  The Turkish state will occupy all of southern Kurdistan.

 As a Kurd I say;  The Kurds will not accept this policy, they own millions of dollars, and under the name of the Kurdish cause they sacrifice the Kurds, and they support the Turkish state in order to kill the Kurds.  The position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party is a position against patriotism, Kurdistan and human values.  Is it reasonable for a person to defend Southern Kurdistan, and whoever claims to be the owner of Southern Kurdistan and responsible for it is fighting that person!

 The KDP must abandon his policies.  It follows the same policy against Rojava as well, imposes a siege on Rojava, and creates strife and problems in the hands of some Kurdish National Council parties within Rojava, in order to destabilize the region.

 The Kurdistan Democratic Party follows a negative policy against southern Kurdistan, Rojava, and even against the Iraqi state. Many Iraqi figures have expressed their rejection of the Turkish attacks and the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.  So far, the party has not made any statement about the attacks.

 There are 23 Turkish bases in southern Kurdistan, what is the mission of these bases?  The task of the KDP to liquidate every voice calling for democracy.

 • For the first time, there are Arab and Iraqi responses to the Turkish attacks against the attack on the legitimate defense zones and northern and eastern Syria, including the League of Arab States. How do you evaluate these responses and are they capable of deterring Turkish attacks?

 Yes, for the first time, a large number of Iraqi figures within the Iraqi government express their position explicitly regarding the Turkish attacks;  Because the danger is too great.  The Turkish state seeks to occupy Iraq and Syria as well, in the name of fighting "terrorism".  The one who supported terrorism is the Turkish state itself.

 The definition of terrorism has turned into a political issue, that is, forces that do not see that other forces agree with their opinion, and attach the accusation of terrorism to them.  Under the name of terrorism, attacks are launched, expansionist and occupational policy continues.

 The concept of terrorism was manipulated and shaped according to the politics of each power.  The terrorist is the one who does not possess human values, and the Turkish state is the most terrorist state in the world. It is the one that undermined the stability of Syria and Iraq. It is the one that committed a massacre against the Armenians, killing one and a half million Armenians. It is the one that committed a massacre against the Syriacs, the Kurds and the Arabs.

 Turkey wants to implement the Milli Charter; occupy Mosul, Kirkuk and Aleppo. The Arab and Kurdish people must be aware of that.

 What is required now of the people of the region in order to deter the Turkish attacks, at a time when the so-called guarantor powers are turning a blind eye to the Turkish attacks?

 The people of the region must strengthen their ranks and their will, because these attacks are against their will. The issue is not Autonomous Administration and the people are one.

 The main objective of the Turkish attacks is the fragmentation of Syria. In practice, Syria has been divided by imposing the Turkish language, the Turkish education system, the Turkish currency and the Turkish flag on the people of the now occupied areas (Al-Bab, Harbuls, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Gire Spi), and it wants to annex it to the Turkish lands.

 All Turkish allegations about its exit from Syria are incorrect, and the Syrian government should be well aware of this. Turkey will not leave the region except by force, and if the Syrian government is serious about what it says, that it protects the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories, it must coordinate and cooperate with the Syrian Democratic Forces for the liberation of Syria.  areas occupied by Turkey.

 The policy followed by the Damascus government is incorrect. Instead of cooperating, it is imposing a siege on the neighborhoods of Aleppo (Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods).  And you sit with Turkish intelligence, this policy does not preserve Syrian sovereignty.

 If the Syrian government is serious about what it says (that it protects the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories) to come and liberate all the occupied areas, we are serious about what we say.

 The Kurdish-Syriac agreement must be strengthened, and this is important at this stage, and the gains of the revolution must be protected, because there are efforts to create a rift between the components of the region through a special war.