Al-Jazira youth: Meetings with leader must be allowed immediately

A number of the youth of al-Jazira region said that people such as the leader Abdullah Ocalan represent a danger to the authoritarian regimes, and therefore they are always targeted, and they assured that they will continue to follow Ocalan's ideology until the end.

Al-Jazira youth: Meetings with leader must be allowed immediately
29 March 2021   22:49

The youth's talk to Hawar news agency came at a time when Turkish media outlets published news about two weeks ago on the deteriorating health of leader Abdullah Ocalan, which met angry reactions from the Kurdish street, as dozens of demonstrations took place and events were organized during which the Kurds and their friends demanded immediate disclosure on the health status of Ocalan.

On the 25th of this March, the Turkish authorities allowed a contact to be held between Ocalan and his brother, but that contact was described as "extremely short", and this did not satisfy the demands of thousands of people demanding the Turkish authorities to allow his lawyers to hold meetings with their client.

About this, the youth Abdel Karim Mohammed, from al-Hasaka city in al-Jazira region says that the aim of all this is to defeat the popular will, but he assured that the struggle will continue firmly.

He added, "We will continue uprising until we reach the most accurate and clear information about the health status of leader Ocalan, and we will continue to follow his thought and philosophy."

At the end of his speech, Abdel Karim Mohammed appealed to the youth of north and east Syria to go out into squares in order to achieve freedom for the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

As for the young man, Azhar Mohammed, from al-Hasakah, he said that the allegations related to the health status of leader Abdullah Ocalan are a continuation of the approach of the special war led by the Turkish state against the Kurds, and affirmed that its goal is to "defeat our will."

Azhar Mohammed clarified that despite all the enemy's attempts, they will continue to fight in favor of their cause, and demanded that the ban on the visit of leader Abdullah Ocalan be lifted.

He added, "Our revolution today is not confined to the areas of north and east Syria, but has spread to include the world on the path of the democratic nation."

At the end of his speech, he said, "The isolation that the authorities impose on leader Abdullah Ocalan has never been witnessed by the world, so the leader's privacy and age must be taken into consideration."

As for the young man Sobhi Malki, from Qamishlo city, he says: "We, the Syriac youth, see that the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan carries solutions to the Middle East crises," and added, "Despite the loud voices calling for the disclosure of Ocalan's health status, this has not yet been achieved."

He pointed out that the Syriacs have not received information about the leader and founder of the Syriac Party in Syria, Saeed Malki, since 2013 after the Damascus government arrested him.

He added, "People like those who have democratic thought pose a threat to authoritarian regimes." He stressed the need for human rights organizations to move to pressure the Turkish government and reveal the health status of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In a related context, the young woman, Nejbeer al-Hussein, from Amuda district, appealed to the youth to rise up in the face of the practices and threats of the Turkish state, and confirmed that they want to obtain information about the health condition of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.