​​​​​​​Egyptian researcher praises KCK campaign, calls for international day of solidarity with Ocalan

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​​​​​​​Egyptian researcher praises KCK campaign, calls for international day of solidarity with Ocalan
22 September 2020   22:23

The Egyptian writer and researcher in political affairs, Hassan Badie, said that supporting the Kurdistan Community Union campaign calling for confronting the Turkish occupation policy is a duty for all Kurdish and Arab democratic forces facing the danger of Ottoman politics together, calling for working together to define an international day of solidarity and demand the release of Leader Ocalan.

The Turkish occupation state pursues an expansionist policy in the region by relying on the Muslim Brotherhood and mercenary and terrorist groups. It has become the largest factor of chaos in the region in general, as it supports mercenaries and terrorists in Syria and Libya, and attacks Başur Kurdistan, occupies parts of Cyprus and searches for energy sources in the east the Mediterranean is illegally.

It seeks to restore the glories of the defunct Ottoman Empire, it called on the Kurdish community to join the campaign “No isolation, fascism and occupation, the time for freedom has come against the Turkish state's policies and called on the Kurdish and Arab peoples to unite in the face of these policies.

In this context, our agency conducted a dialogue with the Egyptian writer and researcher in political affairs, Hassan Badie, to talk about these points.

The text of the interview reads:

* What is the impact of Turkish policies on the Arab world and Erdogan's goals?

It is a policy of the utmost danger to the Arab world, as it seeks to revive the Ottoman domination again over the Arab nation - the era of backwardness and retardation and an era that harmed the peoples of the region - and exploiting it in bad ways, without any progress being made. It is mentioned during the era of the Ottoman occupation of the region, which lasted for many centuries.

This is another desperate attempt by Erdogan to implement it practically in the 21st century, and occupy parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya, and threaten Egypt to control the Arab region, reaching the rest of the Arab East. As Erdogan is deluded with the occupation of Jordan, the Persian Gulf and Gulf money and oil. He dreams of controlling Egypt and Sudan, followed by the Nile, and from there to North Africa.

But what I am also saying is that this colonial approach is unfortunately done with an American green light, as Erdogan cannot do anything in the region without an American green light and strategic alliance with the Zionist entity, Israel, because Turkey is a member of NATO, and houses the largest military base, the Incirlik base.

Consequently, what Turkey is doing is not far from the will of America, NATO and Israel, and constitutes an imminent threat to the region people, as those countries imagine that they will rule this region. These policies stand behind all the crimes, negative acts, bad and sabotage phenomena in Syria, Iraq and currently in Libya through ISIS and terrorist groups, all these negative phenomena were left by Turkey and Erdogan, who personally leads them in the framework of creating chaos, sabotage and mass destruction for the benefit of his empire, in addition to the interests of global powers that also seek the same goal in one way or another. Erdogan is doing what Israel was doing in the current Arab and geographic region in terms in the stages of the fifties and even nineties. Now, the military criminal role  can only be dealt with with the logic of force.

* The world order has paved the way since the 1980s for the arrival of political Islam to power. Are this regime, some regional and international powers still betting on political Islam movements as a tool for creative chaos after the emergence of ISIS?

The formation of the Muslim Brotherhood may be in the eighties for Turkey and its authority as well, but this system is old and goes back to 1928 since the emergence of the dissolved Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in Egypt at the hands of British colonialism, and its establishment under the British base in Ismailia Governorate.

This policy that was launched under British hegemony. There, the Brotherhood is the basis of criminality and intense hostility since the emergence of this group from 1928 to the present day.

As for Turkey, it took a huge push since the eighties in this direction specifically, and it went along with the American and British efforts that in the forties and even the seventies pushed political Islam to appear publicly in Egypt again in the early seventies with the support of the Egyptian authority Anwar Sadat’s authority with support, planning and an American agreement. Then it branched out into many Arab countries with American, British, Israeli and Saudi support, as the latter had an alliance relationship with the Brotherhood groups until ten years ago.

Consequently, all these factors led to the spread of this criminal trend, and this appeared in a clear direction in Turkey. After that these crimes of ISIS, Ahrar al-Sham and other terrorist organizations and before them al-Qaeda, all of which resulted from the mantle of the Muslim Brotherhood led by Erdogan and the Turkish state, which turned into the den of global terrorism is under the ears and eyes of the entire world.

We have been afflicted with the fire of these terrorist groups that have committed terrorist crimes in Syria and other countries.

The Kurdish Community Union launched the campaign "No to isolation, fascism and occupation, time for freedom" to unify Arab Kurdish efforts and democratic forces in the face of Turkish policies, as well as to demand the freedom for Ocalan, how do you evaluate this campaign?

As for the campaign, "This is a sound slogan that gathers all the free and honorable under its banner, a slogan around which all militants gather, and expresses the stage." He said.

No one accepts the isolation, fascism and the occupation which are all characteristics of the Turkish enemy, so this slogan must be generalized: “No to fascism, not to occupation, not to isolation.” There must be full cohesion between Kurds and Arabs, and all democratic and progressive forces in the region, to stand up to the blatant policies of the Turkish authorities, and do not forget that we are one people.

We are united by religion, customs, traditions, geographical reality, one house and one homeland. We are united by friendship, neighborliness, lineage and intermarriage. We face one aggression and we cannot be separated. We continue one hand under this slogan in the face of Turkish aggression and danger.

As for Mr. Ocalan, his continued detention is a crime that leads to the brow of humanity, it is unacceptable, as he is the most capable prisoner in the world, and the oldest political militant in the world.

We used to think that this era had ended with the release of Nelson Mandela, but we were surprised that there is another Mandela and a leader of national liberation, a patriotic and nationalist fighter, a man of vision, thinker, politician, philosopher and leader, who provided a lot of human creativity to humanity and people in general without discrimination, prejudice or fanaticism.

This great man should be released immediately, and a global day of solidarity with him should be set and the demand for his release in all countries of the world at one time, and forcing the Turkish regime to do so, and that his continued imprisonment is rejected, as he is a representative and symbol of the Kurdish people and a brother of the Arab people.

We demand his immediate release, and all human rights organizations must pursue this issue that we cannot concede.

As for the dangers posed by the Turkish regime on the Arab national security in the core, the time has come to confront all of this, Arabs and Kurds. We must be aware that we are one people, and the existing gaps can be addressed through dialogue to reach good solutions that protect the rights of the peoples of the region, and enable us to benefit from the region’s wealth, live in peace, and confront external aggression.

*In light of the danger that Erdogan poses to Arab national security; Are the Kurds, who have been fighting Turkey for forty years, seen as part of Arab national security? Has the Arab world’s view of the Kurdish struggle and their rights changed, whether in Turkey, Iran or Syria?

Of course, the Kurds are an integral part of Arab national security, the Kurds are the people of this region and its living peoples and have existed since the dawn of history and will remain until the end of the world. There is no alternative to that.

And we confronted all the colonial invasions throughout human history, and therefore we are one of the most ancient peoples in the world, so it is natural for a Kurd to be a first-class citizen, just like the Arab citizen and for us to have citizenship, full commitment to rights, and this is the only basis for renaissance and progress in the face of colonial projects and interventions They always take some tendencies and contradictions as a means and an opportunity for foreign intervention to colonize the region.

* Given the responsibility of all people in the region to defend their communities against interference and threats; Is it possible to create a common front of struggle between the democratic forces as well as build a Kurdish-Arab alliance?

We have suffered a lot from foreign and global interference and threats. therefore, there is no alternative to solidarity, union and a permanent dialogue that does not stop between the living democratic forces, Arab and Kurdish, and that there is an Arab-Kurdish alliance in the face of aggression, and the region must be for its people only.

In Egypt, we have many artists, writers, writers and journalists who are among our symbols that we cherish and appreciate while they are Kurds, and influenced Arab movements and organizations, so we are an intertwined people and we have a complete integration.