​​​​​​​Ahmed Sheikho: Ocalan is ideal system for freedom and democracy

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Ahmed Sheikho: Ocalan is ideal system for freedom and democracy
21 December 2021   03:31

Author and political researcher Ahmed Sheikho said leader Ocalan has become an ideal system for freedom and democracy for all peoples and humanity at large, saying continuation of isolation obstructs  any way to solution and peace.

On the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan Sheikho told ANHA:

''Leader Abdulla Ocalan surpassed all national, geographic, religious and gender boundaries via his thoughts and philosophy as well his peoples and project of democratic nation and has bcame an incarnation to free life and democratic transformation as well the relentless struggle and women freedom. Hence, leader APO has become an ideal system for freedom and democracy for all peoples and humanity as he is the sole and able substitute to all impending democracy related solutions in the Middle East and the world and proposed an arrangement as a substitute to the hegemony and exploitation and means of national and Islamic states and dependence .  ''

Ahmed Sheikho said all ''practices by the Turkish state since 2011 against leader and banning lawyers and family to meet him and imposing sanctions under fake grounds all discharge into encroachments and rights usurpation amid an international silence that is an accomplice with Turkey in its policies based on annihilation and isolation on leader and the Kurdish rights and democracy in the region. It is revealed that secret agreements between the world hegemony system and Turkey are still active and never changed as some countries changed their views though they were parts to the international plot hatched against the Kurdish people  and democracy in the region in the personage of leader Abdullah Ocalan and Kurdistan Workers' Party, as powers that make societal mature proposals  as substitutes for hegemony and its national states and its partition of the region.''

Responding to a question on the isolation imposed on leader Sheikho said:

''It is true that fascist Turkey as a means for hegemonies and great powers against leader is indication and same approach by these powers towards the Kurdish people and its struggle and its legal rights and towards democracy in the region as well. Undoubtedly, as isolation continues keeping the most important Kurdish leader in the Kurdish freedom and democracy and community seeking powers in the region . keeping leader 23 years in prison means to annihilate the Kurdish people and non -acceptance of any solutions based on democracy to all national pending issues and impeding any building any real democracies. ''

Sheikh said any real solution should be preceded by lifting isolation imposed on leader and Kurdish people and great powers should relinquish its polices based on slavery and submission and assimilation.

Sheikh said replying to a question on the role played by CPT  and other human rights associations:

All these associations are moving under already planned schemes drawn by great powers. All based on policies and not procedural measures that run in the same policy adopted by international system against the Kurdish people and its rights and other pending solution in the region. They do not lift a finger, and if does so it is a very slow process and for ends sought.  ''the CPT well knows what happens in Imrali Prison of breaches upon rights, but it is clear that there are factors and some basic factors in the hegemony power that forbids it from carrying out its duties and its role regarding encroachments committed in Turkish Imrali Prison against leader Ocalan and other detainees''.

Sheikh went on to say ''in spite of all encroachments committed by Turkey that commits massacres and annihilations against Kurds and region's peoples we see no real or punitive approaches to the criminal Turkish conduct''. Though European and U.S  cover the breaches and offences against leader and isolation imposed and the slow dearth applied by Turkish authorities against the Kurds these same countries  are shown astonished from the Turkish barbarity and savagery and release shy statements without any  real follow up.

Sheikh noted a new phase would be commenced in case isolation on leader and slow death on Kurds ended by Turkey and its supporters, but up to date Turkey under Erdogan intensifies these policies against Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan. '' peace and security will not be achieved in the region without leader APO. A real democratic solution should be found to the Kurdish Question, and to guarantee their rights in determination and running their regions and wealth''.