​​​​​​​Osê: We count on our people, military forces to confront Turkish attacks

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Osê: We count on our people, military forces to confront Turkish attacks
26 Decemberember 2021   20:55

 Amina Osê confirmed that the Autonomous Administration counts on the resistance of the components and military forces region to repel the Turkish attacks, and called on all to unite to confront any attack on the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

 During an interview with our agency, Amina Osê called on the peoples of northern and eastern Syria to escalate the resistance against the attacks and the Turkish occupation plans, at the same time she called on the international powers to fulfill their obligations towards the region.

 The following is the text of the interview:

 Once again, the Turkish President announced threatened to attack the regions of northern and eastern Syria, followed by the targeting of two cars by Turkish drones in the city of Kobani.  How do you evaluate these statements and attacks?

 Erdogan's last statement on October 11 was not arbitrary. After the threats, a civilian car and the co-chair of the Social Justice Council in Kobani were targeted.  We in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria strongly condemn these attacks.

 The Turkish statement, if anything, indicates that Turkey does not take into account international agreements regarding the ceasefire process, and the decision of the United States to extend the state of emergency;  And the Russian statements about preserving the protection of Syrian territory from any violation by the Turkish state.

 The recent Turkish attacks were not the first of their kind, they are increasing day by day.  Erdogan is trying to take advantage of the chaos in Syria, and the lack of international consensus regarding solving the Syrian crisis as a result of the failure of the ongoing negotiations and talks.

 On the other hand, Turkey is suffering from an internal crisis. He is now trying to achieve something for himself, at the expense of NES ahead of the presidential elections.  Erdogan needs such an achievement to overcome the internal Turkish crisis and export it abroad.

 What is required of the peoples and components of northern and eastern Syria, the international community and the forces present within the region at the present time?

 The components  are required to take caution, because the attacks this year differ from previous ground attacks.  The recent attacks largely target the stability and security of the region, in the first place targeting the psyche of the citizens.

 What is now required from the components is to unite in the way of any other possible attack.

 The international community in general and the existing international powers, if Russia, with its existing forces, or the international coalition, must abide by the agreements concluded with Turkey, stop Turkish attacks and hold it accountable for its crimes against civilians.

 * The Turkish state exploits crises between international powers and launches attacks against the region every time. What do you think happened now that Erdogan launched new threats?

 The Turkish state and the Justice and Development Party government headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the mentality that always exists exploits opportunities and chaos wherever they are to achieve its ambitions.

 Currently, there is chaos in the Arab countries, especially after the Syrian movement. The Turkish state has tried to gain a foothold in these countries or have an influence on the politics of these countries. Its interventions since the beginning of the Syrian revolution have increased in depth and in all directions, and it has tried as much as possible through some  Countries control the Constitutional Negotiations Committee, and put their hand on the platforms that were held for Syria to be the decision-maker in formulating future Syrian policies.

 With its policies, shuttle tours, and agreements, Turkey has always sought to strike the political process in Syria, prevented the Syrians from reaching a conclusion, and played a negative political and military role against the Syrian people.

 Since the beginning of the Syrian events, Turkey has been trying to pass some policies through terrorist factions, the largest of which are ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and it has tried to achieve its agendas through these factions, and after this matter was revealed, and the mask fell off its face, Turkey began to lead this war on its own.

 Turkey has occupation ambitions and seeks to occupy more Syrian lands. It began occupying Afrin 2018, and then Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. If given the opportunity, it will expand its occupation.

 * How do you evaluate the talks that took place between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the United States of America and Russia, and the statements issued by the Damascus government against the Turkish state?

 Certainly the Autonomous Administration has always had initiatives to solve the Syrian crisis, aimed at ending the suffering of the Syrians with a democratic project or a Syrian-Syrian project, but the Damascus government has always responded to these initiatives with an intransigent mentality and its insistence on staying or returning to its previous era. In addition to the internal initiatives, the Autonomous Administration sought through its representations  And the Department of Relations and through the representatives present in the European and neighboring countries to convey its vision to the world.  And recent tours in Moscow and Washington were for this purpose.

 Since the establishment of the Autonomous Administration, we have not counted on external forces, whether it is Russia or the international coalition, especially after the Turkish attacks on the region in late 2019, no matter how positive their positions in the media were, but we rely on our people and our military forces and we derive our legitimacy from our people and our military forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, to repel the attacks.

 * The regions of northern and eastern Syria have become an example in the world, in terms of coexistence in accordance with the principles of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples. What is the impact of Turkish threats on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and the Middle East?

 If we compare ourselves with the forces currently in Syria, if they claim to be the opposition or the government in control of a part of Syria, then the Autonomous Administration, according to its project, despite all the crises that Syria has experienced in general and north and east Syria in particular, including attacks, sieges, and others, is the most appropriate and successful  .

 Although there are some shortcomings that we do not deny, which are often the result of external conditions that affect our internal situation, such as siege and attacks, the Autonomous Administration has been able to achieve security and stability, so we see that this project is a model that can be adopted throughout Syria, and to achieve this, Turkish attacks must be deterred.

 Our people of all sects and segments must take a firm and strong stance against the Turkish attacks, and join hands with the military forces to confront any ground attack against the regions of northern and eastern Syria.