Founding conference of Future Syria Party begins in al-Raqqa

The founding party of Future Syria Party, under the banner of "Democratic, Pluralistic and Decentralized Syria", was launched shortly, in the presence of hundreds of party members and guests from the North Syria regions.

Founding conference of Future Syria Party begins in al-Raqqa
27 March 2018   08:32

AL-RAQQA-In the presence of Arab, Kurdish and Syriac political blocs, Arab tribal leaders in North Syria, members of the party and representatives of democratic Autonomous Administration in North Syria, the founding conference of Syria Future Party was launched in al-Furat Stadium in al-Raqqa city.

The conference began with a minute of silence, after which a conference chamber of seven people was elected.

According to Conference Preparatory Committee, the party document prepared by Preparatory Committee on the purpose of establishing the party will be read and the speeches will be delivered.

Where National Council of al-Raqqa, Arab National Body, the parties of Democratic Society Movement, Kurdish National Alliance in Syria, the left-wing Democratic Gathering, and the Syriac Union Party will address speeches during the conference.