“Women can end crisis and lead peace process in Syria”

The women participating in the second conference of the Syrian Women’s Council confirmed that women are capable of ending the Syrian crisis, by playing their prominent role in all fields, including decision-making centers.

“Women can end crisis and lead peace process in Syria”
21 May 2024   10:17

Syrian women continue their leadership role by making great sacrifices and vital contributions, and by making efforts to make peace and end the crisis.

As part of the attempts made by women to end the Syrian crisis, the Syrian Women’s Council in Aleppo held its second conference on Monday, May 20, with the participation of 250 delegates.

Nisreen Ali, a feminist activist from the city of Tartous, expressed her gratitude and happiness for her participation in the conference, and said: “Women have suffered a lot in light of the Syrian crisis during the past 12 years.”

Nisreen indicated that there is a noticeable change in the crisis due to the efforts made by women, adding: “I see that there is a recovery for women from this crisis, and the evidence is the holding of such a conference with the participation of Syrian women from all Syrian cities.”

Nisreen stressed the necessity of implementing the outcomes to reach satisfactory results, and stressed by saying: “The words must be accompanied by action, and be implemented and translated into steps on the ground, and that is through the formation of committees in Syrian cities that stem from the conference itself.

Uniting feminist powers

As for the young woman, Norma Al-Rashed, from the city of Suwayda, she pointed to the ability of women to build and liberate society and create a democratic society based on freedom, justice and equality, but she mentioned the bad conditions committed against women, the crimes of genocide and violence, the restriction of women’s duties as mothers and wives, and the neglect of their effective powers in practical life, what led to a reduction in her strength and will.

In uniting women's powers, Norma found the path to the liberation of women and society as well, saying: "The women's issue must be considered a fundamental issue in society, and women's energies must be united to guarantee their rights, independence and freedom."

Equality with men

In turn, civil activist and member of the Syrian Women's Advisory Council, Nora Khalil, said: "If we delve deeper into the search for ways to solve the Syrian crisis, we will find that women have greater sacrifices to put an end to it."

Nora insisted on the participation of women as well as men in decision-making positions, and said: “Therefore, when calling for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, women must be occupied in an equal proportion with men in this dialogue.”