Several tents burned in al-Hol camp by ISIS women

 A group of ISIS women in the most dangerous camp in eastern Syria set fire to a group of tents, with heavy security deployments against the background of the incident, in an effort by the security forces of the camp to reach the actors.

Several tents burned in al-Hol camp by ISIS women
Several tents burned in al-Hol camp by ISIS women
Several tents burned in al-Hol camp by ISIS women
12 January 2020   06:51

The crimes of ISIS women against Syrian refugees and Iraqi refugees continue in al--Hol camp, 45 Km east of the Syrian city of al-Hasakah, in an attempt to revive extremist ISIS thought and control the thoughts of the camp residents, especially after ISIS mercenaries lose military control over their last strongholds on Syrian soil, in March from last year.

ANHA's correspondent reported on Sunday morning that a fire broke out in a group of four tents within the sixth sector in the camp, which led to the burning of the four tents completely, and the injury of a woman with severe burns, which was then transferred to the field hospital in the camp, and is currently receiving treatment in it.

Regarding the circumstances of the incident, a source from the camp security said: "The burning of the tents was fabricated by a group of women from the sixth sector itself, and the incident took place at the beginning of dawn today, which resulted in wounding elderly woman in severe wounds due to the refugees in neighboring tents did not reach in suitable time to rescue her, and the refugees in four burned tents have been survived, and they are Syrian refugees.

 The same source indicated that the moment when the four tents were set ablaze, they were monitored by surveillance cameras, and the effects of the women who went through the burning of the tents were tracked, but as a result of the movement of women in the camp in groups, and their uniform black clothes, it was difficult to reach them directly and quickly, the investigation process is still ongoing.

Al-Hol camp is the largest camp in the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, and it is inhabited by more than 68 thousand people, among them displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees, in addition to women and children of ISIS mercenaries, and is considered the most dangerous among the camps of the world, as a result of the presence of more than 40 thousand people from wives and children of ISIS mercenaries.