Researcher: Attacks on American bases are pressure, there will be no open confrontation

Iranian affairs researcher Hani Suleiman considered that the attacks by pro-Iranian forces on American bases in Syria and Iraq are an Iranian attempt to play in the safe box, and pointed out that it is pressuring the American forces to reach a deal without an open confrontation occurring.

Researcher: Attacks on American bases are pressure, there will be no open confrontation
21 November 2023   06:03

The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) revealed, on Saturday, the total number of attacks its military bases in Syria and Iraq have been subjected to since the middle of last month, which amounted to 61 attacks, with 29 in Iraq and 32 in Syria.

In this regard, the Egyptian researcher specializing in Iranian affairs, Hani Suleiman, considered that: “The real goals of the attack by some Iranian-affiliated militias on American military bases are to save face and an attempt to threaten American interests, and to do something that creates a state of resistance and support for Gaza and an attempt to portray Iran as Gaza and the Palestinian cause will triumph in agreement with the speeches, threats, and intimidation issued by the Iranian leaders.”

Suleiman also believes that: “The speech of the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, and the lack of push towards confrontation and the opening of new fronts from the Lebanese side, and also the statements of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian in New York when he spoke that his country is not responsible for what happened on the day of October 7, and some weak statements, are empty slogans that did not reach the level of action and impact on the ground when the moment of truth and seriousness came.”

The Iranian affairs researcher confirmed that targeting these bases, as happened previously in Ain al-Assad, al-Harir, and al-Tanf, is “to show the scene as an American-Iranian confrontation and targeting American interests.”

Suleiman believes that Iran: “is trying to beautify itself and export an image by confronting its militias and forces affiliated with it, as resisting the United States of America, but it has not presented a comprehensive confrontation and opened complete fronts, especially since the United States had released about 6 billion dollars some time ago as a deal between them.” And between Iran, in addition to the Security Council lifting some restrictions on Iranian weapons.”

Suleiman pointed out that Iran: “At this stage, it is trying to obtain the greatest possible gains, through its attempts to adapt the political scene to obtain gains by introducing various files to pressure Washington to reach a breakthrough regarding the Iranian nuclear file and trying to obtain the greatest amount of gains from the American side.”

As for the possibility of this escalation developing, the Egyptian researcher on Iranian affairs, Hani Suleiman, believes that Iran will not risk opening a comprehensive confrontation with the United States of America, especially after the movement of two American aircraft carriers and the continuous warnings from the administration of US President Joe Biden. Iran is trying to play in the safe box and You are doing the bare minimum at this time.

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