Injured Avin Khalil describes moments of Turkish bombing on Derik

Avin Khalil described the first moments of the bombing in which she was injured in the city of Derik in Qamishlo canton on the 27th of this October.

Injured Avin Khalil describes moments of Turkish bombing on Derik
29 Decemberember 2023   07:32

The leader in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Shibli Shibli was martyred, while the child Ahmed Shaheen (11 years old) and Avin Khalil (39 years old) were injured in the bombing of a Turkish occupation drone on a house in the Azadi neighborhood in the city of Derik, Qamishlo canton.

She is a mother of four boys and a girl, she lives in the neighborhood and also supports and raises the children of the martyr Saleh Al-Khadour and their grandmother.

Avin says that she was going to the market to buy some household supplies, and when she returned, about 4 meters from her house the bombing took place.

She continued: "I did not feel anything except that I was lying on the ground and bleeding, and I could hear around me screaming, 'There will be bombing again.' I was taken to the hospital, and there I knew that someone had been martyred."

Two shrapnels of the shell penetrated Avin's shoulder and her leg.

Avin denounced targeting of infrastructure and citizens’ homes, and said: “They want to starve us and they are not satisfied with it. The martyr Shibli has 3 children who were deprived of their father because of the Turkish occupation attack.”