Hawar news agency plan ANHA 3/11/2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 3/11/2024
11 March 2024   02:00

Arab intellectuals in North and Esat Syria believe that arming themselves with awareness and consolidating awareness of the goals of the international conspiracy that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan in societies is the most prominent contribution to thwarting the ongoing conspiracy with strict isolation, which in turn will lead to achieving his physical freedom as a result of popular pressure (attached with pictures and video).

The plan of ISIS and its supporters failed to destroy the democratic project in North and East Syria, and on the 10th anniversary of the Qamishlo municipal massacre, the vice co-chairmanship of the Union of Municipalities says that the next stage will witness the further development of the work according to what is required of us (attached with pictures and video).

The people of North and East Syria are preparing to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, by securing this month’s supplies of food (photos and video attached).

The repercussions of the Turkish occupation’s bombing of Turkish infrastructure are still affecting the lives of citizens in northern and eastern Syria, as a result of their deprivation of electricity and water, and in the face of a crisis created by the Turkish bombing, communal participatory life is being activated in the districts and villages to provide the basic necessities of life (attached with photos and video).

The Syrian Democratic Council is organizing a dialogue symposium under the title “Women’s Suffering in Light of the Syrian Crisis” in the Al-Ahdath district of al-Shahba canton, at 10:00 (photos and video attached).