Erdogan is deceitful person, shells NE, Syria non-stop, calls for protecting civilians in Gaza Strip- Kevara Sheikh NOUR

One would think that the criminal president of the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “has no heart.” He declares every day, while wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh, that he sympathizes with the dead civilians in the Gaza Strip, but according to the well-known Egyptian proverb, “I hear your words, I believe you, and when I see your actions, I am surprised.”

Erdogan is deceitful person, shells NE, Syria non-stop, calls for protecting civilians in Gaza Strip- Kevara Sheikh NOUR
30 Decemberember 2023   03:02

Perhaps Erdogan forgot what he said to a group of his supporters in Istanbul on Saturday, saying, “Those who were shedding crocodile tears over Ukraine are now silent about what is happening in Gaza.” He is the one who is now pouring crocodile tears on the Gaza Strip, where his drones, warplanes, and artillery have killed children and the elderly, and orphaned many families in north-eastern Syria, Northern Kurdistan, Southern Kurdistan, Karabakh, and Libya, and his phosphorus and chemical weapons have killed and mutilated the bodies of many.

The question is: Didn’t Erdogan realize, when he criticized Israel, saying: “It has no interest in killing civilians in Gaza,” that he himself is a master of killing? He had to realize that just as Hitler learned the method of genocide from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Israeli leaders, by targeting children and infrastructure and cutting off water, electricity and fuel in Gaza, are learning from Erdogan’s methods of targeting electricity, gas and water stations, hospitals and the homes of safe people in North and East Syria and the Southern Kurdistan.

The leader of the Justice and Development Party AKP said on Saturday to his supporters from the Justice and Development Party: “With regard to the Israeli air strikes on the Palestinian areas, Turkey will not forgive actions targeting civilians,” forgetting his orders to launch Turkish air strikes on North and East Syria and Southern Kurdistan.

Erdogan stressed that Israel is an occupying state, and what it is doing is not self-defense, but rather a clear and despicable massacre aimed at eliminating the population of Gaza Strip masse, through starvation and thirst and destroying their health services. This is in violation of what its military arsenal committed by cutting off water and energy from the people of North and East Syria in its continuous attacks targeting infrastructure and vital centers such as “water, electricity, oil, grain silos, and water dams.”

Perhaps Erdogan forgot that the Arabs said in proverbs: “The suspicious person almost said, ‘Take me,’” as this proverb is used for the perpetrator of the mistake who, due to his self-doubt and his great fear, will be exposed, so he refers to what he hides with slips of his tongue, and this is what applies to the words of the leader of the Justice and Development Party.

T/ Satt.