Iraqi Intelligence Unit captures 5 ISIS mercenaries

The Iraqi Intelligence Agency announced the arrest of 5 ISIS mercenaries in Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq.

Iraqi Intelligence Unit captures 5 ISIS mercenaries
4 Decemberember 2023   08:33

The Iraqi Intelligence Agency said in a statement: “Detachments of the intelligence agency responsible for combating terrorism in Nineveh managed to arrest 5 terrorists in accordance with the provisions of Article Four of the fight against terrorism, based on accurate intelligence information related to their presence in one of the areas of Nineveh Governorate.”

The agency added “an intelligence work team was formed to collect information and conduct the necessary investigations, and with a precise ambush, wanted defendants were arrested through investigation with them, they frankly admitted their affiliation to ISIS gangs within the so-called (Ain Jalut and Military Affairs Division Dhat Al-Sawari Division, the Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr Brigade, and the Al-Asra Army) and they were receiving sums of money in return for this,” indicating, “The terrorists’ statements were recorded and they were referred to the relevant authorities in preparation for their appearance before the judiciary to receive their just punishment.”

The intelligence agency called on "citizens to report all outlaws in all parts of Iraq."