​​​​​​​Raqqa administration transports IDPs from random camps to a central camp

The Social Affairs and Labor Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council continues to transport displaced people from random camps towards the Adnaniyah camp, which was established during the current year, with the aim of providing health and educational care to children who were deprived of education throughout their stay in the random camps.

​​​​​​​Raqqa administration transports IDPs from random camps to a central camp
28 September 2023   01:59

The Raqqa Civil Council, in coordination with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, issued a decision to transfer all the random camps spread in the countryside of Raqqa towards 4 regular camps, which are (Al-Adnaniyah Camp, Al-Salhabiyah Al-Sharqiyah Camp, Al-Rashid Camp, and Al-Rahiyat Camp).

The decision of the Civil Council and the Autonomous Administration came after reviewing the problems and suffering suffered by the displaced in the 53 random camps spread throughout the countryside of Raqqa in general, some of which are in addition to waste dumps, and some of which are located within archaeological sites.

Random camps lack sanitation networks and clean drinking water networks, not to mention children are deprived of education, which negatively affects the behavior of children within the camps.

As a result of the absence of health care in informal camps, many diseases have spread among the displaced, especially children, such as leishmaniasis, scabies, and poisoning. According to the Social Affairs and Labor Committee, the displaced who will be transferred to the regular camps will receive good health care.

Regarding how to move the random camps in Raqqa, ANHA's agency met with the director of the Camps Office in the Social Affairs and Labor Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council, Mohammad Bakr, who said: “At first we met with the displaced people in the random camps and we clarified and explained the reasons for moving the random camps to the regular camps.”

He added, "The process of transferring the displaced from the random camps towards the regular camps will be in the form of stages, and will not be immediate, in order to avoid any mistakes. The random camps will be distributed among the regular camps in a way that is proportionate to the camp's capacity to receive families."

Mohammad Bakr stated, “The displaced people of Tal al-Bay’a camp, Hergla camp, Rabia camp, Ya’arub camp, Al-Mazyouna camp, Al-Khayala camp, and Sahlet al-Banat camp will be transferred towards the regular Adnaniyah camp.”

The Raqqa Civil Council worked to establish the Adnaniyah camp at the beginning of this year, with an area of 650 dunums, accommodating 3,000 families. The camp was fully equipped, including sewage networks and bathrooms, in addition to extending drinking water lines to the entire camp.

According to what Mohammad Bakr revealed, the number of displaced people who were transferred from the random camps towards the Adnaniyah camp reached 300 families, who were transferred from the Sahlet al-Banat random camp during the middle of this month.

The Social Affairs and Labor Committee had transferred 25 families from the Government camp to the Adnaniyah camp at the beginning of last month. According to the committee, the families who were transferred had come to the Autonomous Administration areas after they had been deported from Lebanon.

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