Bundestag's Gregor Gysi: Autonomous Administration is Syrian national project

Member of the German Parliament for the Left Party, Gregor Gysi, confirmed that the Autonomous Administration is a Syrian national project, he stressed the importance of the Autonomous Administration initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Bundestag's Gregor Gysi: Autonomous Administration is Syrian national project
21 September 2023   08:20

The representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Europe, Abdul Karim Omar, and the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Germany, Khaled Darwish, met with a member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) for the leftist party, Gregor Gysi to discuss the latest developments of the Syrian crisis.

During the meeting that took place in the parliament building in the capital, Berlin, Abdul Karim Omar said: “The horizon is still blocked before reaching a comprehensive political solution that will end the Syrian crisis,” attributing the reason for this to “the Syrian regime’s insistence on a security and military solution."

Omar also pointed out: “The role of the Syrian opposition, which is dependent on the outside, and which acts based on the orders and dictates of regional powers, in continuing the suffering of the Syrians and narrowing the prospects for a solution.”

He added that: “This opposition linked to Turkey and other regional powers is far from the concerns and suffering of the Syrians.”

In this context, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Europe pointed to the responsibilities placed on the international community in the continued bleeding of Syrian blood, pointing out that the lack of action by America and Europe and the absence of any clear and comprehensive vision to end the crisis, paved the way for the Astana axis to monopolize the Syrian situation, which had a negative impact. Despite the small efforts that have been made so far to end the conflict, the countries participating in the aforementioned axis are basically part of the problem.

Omar stressed that: “The Autonomous Administration is trying to reach a peaceful political solution for all Syrians, and without excluding any spectrum or component,” stating that “For this purpose, the Autonomous Administration issued a comprehensive project months ago."

He pointed to the decision recently issued by the Autonomous Administration to begin the procedures for trying some of the ISIS mercenaries detained by it, noting that they had no choice but to take this step, in terms of the great responsibilities and pressures they were subjected to, as well as with the aim of redressing the victims and achieving justice.

For his part, the member of the German Parliament from the Left Party, Gregor Gysi  pointed out that they, in turn, stress the necessity of making sincere efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis, and he noted the importance of the solution ensuring the common interests of all Syrians.

Gysi touched on the continuing threats against NE Syria, especially the repeated attacks by the Turkish state and its mercenaries, whether through drones or artillery and missile bombardment, and expressed his regret at the casualties these attacks cause and the threat to security and stability in the Autonomous Administration areas.

Gysi also indicated that they fully understand the Autonomous Administration’s announcement of its intention to try some ISIS members.

He also touched on the issue of Syrian refugees, and the project proposed by the Autonomous Administration to receive any refugees who wish to come to its areas, and noted that this initiative proposed by the Administration undoubtedly reflects a high sense of national and humanitarian responsibilities.