World is at the epicenter of environmental threat and danger

Today, Hurricane Daniel and before it the violent earthquake in Morocco, and it was preceded by the earthquake that struck Turkey, Syria, and Northern Kurdistan, and other frightening environmental transformations, which calls for saying that environmental degradation on a comprehensive global level, in all its forms, manifestations, and forms, is almost at its worst now, or at its worst. At least until further notice.

World is at the epicenter of environmental threat and danger
20 September 2023   03:10

What is happening is, in an unprecedented manner, devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires, hurricanes, torrents, floods, global warming, and climate changes that herald imminent environmental disasters, or as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, says, “threats that exceed our ability to confront it, which means that it has gotten out of control and has become an imminent and uncontrollable environmental threat, and that it has become a real existential challenge and a growing threat to safe natural living conditions everywhere and without exception. The entire world is currently in the focus of threat and danger. But what are the causes of these environmental events?

The head of the World Environment Party, Dr. Domit Kamel, says: “I do not know a specific reason for this strange coincidence between all the unfortunate and shocking environmental incidents we hear about on an almost daily basis, and not a single continent in the world has been left without spreading and affecting it, from China to Hawaii to Canada to India and Pakistan to Britain to Greece to Algeria to Morocco and Turkey.

Dr. Kamel added to ANHA's agency: “It is no longer an exaggeration or exaggeration to portray the devastating environmental changes that are occurring as an existential threat to humanity and the future of life on Earth, and not an occasional danger or one not to be feared as previously thought, and from here I want to say that confronting all these imminent existential dangers have become obligatory for the wise people of the world, including leaders, leaders and heads of state, to join hands and contemplate together on how to confront them and deal with them in a spirit of responsibility, as well as on what their joint cooperation should be to overcome the repercussions of the heinous destruction resulting from them, as we saw with the Turkey earthquake. Which was equivalent in its violence to the use of a nuclear weapon, as experts described it at the time.”

The environmental expert stressed that it is no longer useful or useful for these leaders to be preoccupied with an arms race that implicates their countries and is their tool for igniting wars here and there similar to the Ukrainian war, which is a war that will undoubtedly double the consequences of this environmental devastation with the depleted uranium shells that will be used in it, with their deadly radioactive effects. And continuing, just as they had previously done when they invaded Iraq in 2003, specifically in the battle at Baghdad Airport, in which they used these forbidden or internationally banned weapons due to their catastrophic effects on the environment and humans.”

Dr. Domit Kamel explained, “With these accelerating and terrifying environmental transformations, the entire world stands on the brink of a huge and terrifying catastrophe whose extent is known only to God, and we must be at the level of threat and danger, so that it will not be in our inaction, failure, or underestimation of the horror of what is no longer far away.” It causes comprehensive environmental destruction and the end of life, and perhaps what happened today and happens every day will be an incentive for world leaders to come out of their coma, and an incentive for them to change their agenda, goals and priorities.”

Therefore, environmental pollution is no longer a local problem or limited to major industrialized countries. It has become a global problem due to the accumulation of its effects and the postponement of implementing solutions. The consequences associated with environmental pollution became apparent at the end of the last century. Global warming, the melting of ice floes in the Arctic, the emission of fine particles, illness or death, are all harmful effects that are increasing day by day, despite the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement by 190 countries at the end of 2016, which aims to stop global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Fifty-five countries, representing at least 55 percent of global emissions, were forced to sign the treaty.

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