​​​​​​​Mesopotamian Movement for Culture and Art is preparing for its 7th conference

Under the slogan "It is time to build the democratic nation culture ", The seventh Conference of Mesopotamian Movement for Democratic Culture and Art will be launched today, with attendance 200 delegates.

​​​​​​​Mesopotamian Movement for Culture and Art is preparing for its 7th conference
6 December 2021   06:00

The seventh conference work will be launched at Aram Tekran Center for Culture and Art in Rmilan in Qamishlo Canton, with the participation of 200 delegates from different regions of north and east Syria, as well as from Aleppo and Damascus.

Mesopotamia movement holds its conference every 2 years, and the seventh conference is important, according to Preparatory Committee member for the conference, Khalil Ta'alo, because it represents all the peoples and components of north and east Syria.

Khalil noted that the conference is supposed to last for 2 days, it includes the representatives of the participating delegations’ speeches, reading and discussion the work report and the Rules of Procedure, and electing a co-chairmanship and Culture and Art Movement Council.

The 6th Conference was held in June of 2019, and several decisions was resulted in, including changing the name "Democratic Culture and Art Movement" to "Mesopotamia Movement for Democratic Culture and Art", and the formation of its administrative council.