In Aleppo, hundreds protest against  occupation, treason

 Hundreds of people demonstrated in Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods to condemn the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria and Southern Kurdistan Kurdish populated region in Iraq north, and to denounce the betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

In Aleppo, hundreds protest against  occupation, treason
5 November 2021   13:06

 The demonstration was organized by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Union in front of the Union Center located in the western part of Al-Shi Maqsoud neighborhood.

 The demonstrators raised the flags of the Union, pictures of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and signs that read "Join the battle for freedom."

 The participants channted slogans calling for the escalation of the struggle against the Turkish occupier to liberate the occupied areas and support the guerrilla resistance in the Medya legitimate defense areas.

 After standing a minute of silence, the member of the Young Women's Movement, Zaki Mustafa, gave a speech in which she pointed out the need for solidarity "to protect the people from the fires of war raging in the Middle East and threaten the gains of the Kurdish people achieved during the revolution announced on the nineteenth of July."

 Zakiah continued her speech, referring to the heroic resistance of guerrilla fighters in Medya  which has been going for 6 months, "made the Turkish state helpless, forced to use various types of chemical weapons, including chemical weapons that are internationally prohibited."

 Zaki also noted during her speech that the betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party "will be recorded in history in its dark pages, because it worked to kill its blood brothers in Khalifan and supported the Turkish occupation against the Peoples' Defense Forces."

 Zakiah added, "Turkish threats against northern and eastern Syria fall into the category of ending the presence of the Kurds," and called on "all free people to unite in the face of these attacks to ward off the Turkish threat and hold it accountable for its daily crimes."

 Zakiah stressed on the continued demand for liberating the leader Abdullah Ocalan, because the keys to a comprehensive solution to the Middle East lie in the liberation of the leader Ocalan.

 The demonstration concluded by chanting slogans that salute the guerrilla resistance and call for an escalation of the struggle against the occupation.