​​​​​​​Hesso calls on Kurdish forces to move urgently to control situation in Zaina Warte

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​​​​​​​Hesso calls on Kurdish forces to move urgently to control situation in Zaina Warte
23 April 2020   02:34

Gharib Hesso called on the Kurdish forces and parties to show a honorable stance against the Turkish schemes, and warned of breaking out fighting among the Kurds if some Kurdish parties continued to collude with the Turkish occupation state.

Zaina Warte region in Başûr Kurdistan has been experiencing tension since several days against the backdrop of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) mobilizing its forces there under the pretext of staving off the outbreak of the Corona virus, amid popular discontent by the people of the region and Kurdistan. KCK's Foreign Relations Committee explained that what is happening does not serve the Corona precautionary measures, confirmed their rejection of what the region is witnessing, as it is in the interest of the Turkish state, and indicated that all Kurdish forces must realize this.

In an interview with the co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement Gharib Hesso, he explained that what is happening in Zaina Warte is by Turkey's instructions and plans, the aim of which is to eliminate the Kurdish movement, and he appealed to the Kurdish forces to move urgently.

The dialogue is as follows:

Zaina Warte region in Başûr Kurdistan witnesses tension as a result of the KDP mobilizing forces there. In your opinion, what is the aim of that?

Yes, Zaina Warte region has been experiencing tension since days as a result of mobilizing the Kurdistan Democratic Party its troops there, and this tension does not serve the Kurdish issue nor bring good results, and there is no good in it for the Kurdish people. What we notice is that clashes will take place there, whenever the Kurdish contradictions escalate, clashes break out in an area. That is why the people of Zaina Warte went out in sit-ins and demonstrations after the KDP mobilized its forces in that area, and they expressed their discontent because they realize that there is a real threat to the Kurds.

Here, we must clarify that the Turkish state is the one that pushed the Kurdish differences to the fore, and the goal is to hit the Kurdish gains achieved over the past years. In addition, any military intervention affects the Kurdish gains in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan society system has made clear that the recent crowds of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Zaina Warte region are tantamount to declaring war, and that there are hidden plans, in your opinion, what are the background and secrets of these plans?

What mentioned in the statement is true, and the KDP is not alone, but has a partner which is the Turkish occupation state, and what the KDP is doing now in Zaina Warte is not new, but it did that previously in Shaladize as well, as the KDP established headquarters for the Turkish occupation there, and Shaladize people rose up against those practices.

The people of Shaladize and Başûr Kurdistan are known to be sacrificing and struggling people, and every family has a number of martyrs. They rose up because they were aware of the danger of what the Democratic Party was doing, so they burned the Turkish headquarters and military vehicles, but the party repressed the people and established a Turkish military outpost there by force, and now it is trying to repeat what it did in Shaladize in Zaina Warte as well.

Here, we must know well that Turkey never serves the Kurdish reconciliation, and is trying to put the Kurdish forces in the service of its agendas and plans. Turkey turned its attention to Libya, entered it via its mercenaries under the pretext of protecting some Turks there. It interfered in Yemen through the Muslim Brotherhood, occupied parts of Syrian territory through its Syrian mercenaries and ISIS mercenaries, and interfered in Iraq also via ISIS. Here, we must ask through whom Turkey entered Başûr Kurdistan? What are its objectives? Its main goal is to reach Mosul, Anbar, and Shengal.

What is happening in Zaina Warte is very dangerous, as it is an occupation, but in another way, as the Kurdish areas are cut off from each other, and Turkish military points are established there, so the Kurdish force particularly in Başûr Kurdistan must realize the seriousness of what is happening now because it cannot absolutely protect Kurdistan through Turkey as some claim. The Kurdish forces in Başûr Kurdistan should set aside their contradictions, ward off the risks to them, and thwart the schemes planed by the Turkish occupation to divide the Kurdish areas in Başûr and Kurdistan.

Here, we must draw attention to the fact that Turkey has established points in Idlib in Syria, and the Syrian regime cannot now take out the Turkish occupation from them. Can the Kurdistan Democratic Party remove Turkey from the points it established in Başûr after eliminating the Kurdish forces?

How do you evaluate the recent statements of the Kurdistan Region President Nichervan Barzani who said that their presence in Zaina Warte is temporary and the presence of the People's Defense Forces in Başûr is illegal, but he did not touch on the presence of 27 headquarters of the Turkish occupation army in Başûr?

Unfortunately, these statements deepen the existing problem further, as the existence of Kurdish forces on the one hand is denied, and it legitimizes the Turkish occupation and its occupation as well, and this is a very big mistake. Furthermore, this statement never serve the Kurdish people and their cause.

Let us ask a question here, why did the Kurdistan Democratic Party demand support from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in 2014 during the attacks of ISIS mercenaries on Başûr areas, how it was perceived at that time that they are Kurdish and legitimate forces in Shengal, Makhmour, Jelawlaa, Saadiyya, Debs, Kirkuk and Hewler, and now they are not ? So this is a real problem the Kurdistan Democratic Party suffers from because it contradicts itself.

Did not Masoud Barzani who was then president of Kurdistan Region go to Makhmour, praise and thank the People's Defense Forces. In that period, they were legitimate forces, and now they are not legitimate!!!

Here we must clarify the following; whenever the Kurdistan Democratic Party faces a military threat, it appeals to the People's Defense Forces and Free Women Units - Star because they are fully aware that they are sacrificing forces and sacrifice for the sake of Kurdistan, and they consider them legitimate and Kurdish forces. But when the issue becomes political and dirty plots with the enemy, they see them as illegal forces. Here the real danger we are talking about lies.

We, as Kurdish people, do not want to live in this sensitive phase in this way. Now, the whole world has gathered to stave off the threat of the Corona virus, and Turkey is taking advantage of these conditions and claims that the Kurdistan Democratic Party's forces have gone to Zaina Warte to eliminate the Corona virus, as if the forces there are spreading the virus, what is this. Since hundreds of years, Turkey has been trying to introduce the virus into the Kurdish body. Turkey is the largest virus in the life of the Kurdish people, and it is more dangerous than the Covid-19 virus.

If things get worse, will they be confined to a limited area, or will the scheme target all of Kurdistan?

No, they will not remain in a specific region, but will spread everywhere, and this is a threat to Kurdistan in general because the legitimate defense zones are important to all parts of Kurdistan, and targeting this region means targeting Kurdistan in general. Here, we must clarify that the enemy does not stop at a specific region.

We know that Turkey is trying to revive the dreams of the Ottomans, but we do not know the dreams of whom the Kurdistan Democratic Party tries to revive, or whom it supports.

The cooperation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish enemy is incorrect because Turkey aims to annihilate the Kurdish Liberation Movement, which is the will of the Kurdish people, is present everywhere, and has its influence. It is a national movement, wherever there is any threat to the Kurdish people, and wherever humanity and societal values are violated by the capitalist states, the movement is there to deter that danger. Any plan targets the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, it targets the will of the people and human values, and also targets the Kurdistan Democratic Party at the same time because the enemy, as it is now trying to divide Kurdistan will end the Kurdish parties and forces one by one.

What is required of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Kurdish forces and people now?

All Kurdish forces and parties should show a position and not only issue statements. We had talked a lot in the past about the national unity. If that unity had been achieved, we would not have now discussed the situation in Zaina Warte, we would have discussed our unity, and it was better for us now to discuss the issue of the national unity.

On all Kurdish forces, organizations and institutions, Kurdish clans' notables, national personalities and figures that have the effect show a serious and strict position, and not to make what happens in Zaina Warte a ground for fighting and shedding the blood of Kurdish young men and women who have been fighting for decades in the mountains in defense of the will of the Kurdish people and the rest of the components in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish People's Defense Forces, the Peshmerga Forces, and all the Kurdish forces now in Zaina Warte region were founded on the principle and intention to defend the Kurdish people and the peoples of Kurdistan. They were established with the intention to defend the human values, not to fight the brothers and sisters before the eyes of the enemy who was trying to revive the dreams of its ancestors.

All Kurdish forces and parties should be careful to prevent the bloodshed of brothers and sisters, and to protect Zaina Warte with Kurdish will by joining together all Kurdish forces and parties with each other, and not to allow the establishment of the Turkish base there.

We, as the Democratic Society Movement, support all national positions and any initiative for the unity of the ranks.


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