Muslim: No one should indulge his bite in his brother's blood

Reportaj Summay

Muslim: No one should indulge his bite in his brother's blood
20 April 2020   01:39

Saleh Muslim confirmed that the enemies of the Kurdish people are trying to push the Kurds to commit mistakes and conspiracies that they have been hatching for 170 years on our people, and said: "No one should dip his bite in his brother's blood" referring to the ongoing turmoil in Başûr of Kurdistan between the Kurdish parties. He  appealed to everyone to hold their responsibilities in expressing what is going on in their consciences towards the Kurdish people.

Tensions escalated  in Rania, Soran districts  and Zina Warte area in particular between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdish Patriotic Union of Kurdistan forces, amid a KDP's military build-up  in that area.

KDP's military buildup has been widely protested by Kurdish politicians, parties and political blocs, that condemned in their statements these movements, which could affect the gains of the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan.

In this context, our agency held a dialogue with PYD's member Saleh Muslim to talk about  KDP's objectives behind the involvement of the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" in this escalation, and what is incumbent on the Kurdish parties and intellectuals and the Kurdish people, to reduce the escalation.

The text of the dialogue reads:

*The KDP has recently mobilized its military forces in Zina Warti area; What is the purpose of these moves?

The enemy of one of the Kurdish parties is the enemy of the Kurds as a whole,  the plot that is currently hatched in Zina Warti or in any other areas are nothing but the same plots of the enemy against the Kurdish people for 170 years and to this day.

For the enemy, the easiest way to strike the Kurds, is to push for Kurdish-Kurdish fighting. what is happening now in Zina Warte is part of these plans, that the enemies of the Kurds try over and over to hit each other for 170 years.

It is plain sight whether in Rojava, Başûr or anywhere else in Kurdistan that the barbaric enemy of the Kurds  does not have any moral principles. We are to be blamed as a Kurd because we allow the enemy to exploit  us. We hope all Kurds and their the leaders learn  from the past tragedies the Kurdish people.

 We have to think about those who killed our fathers, grandparents and leaders  and the reason for their death. The enemy always forced Kurds to dip their bite in their brothers' blood. Today we should not repeat that and stay away from that filth. The enemy did not have mercy on us throughout history. Today Peshmerga military buildup will not be acceptable. The people of Kurdistan are well-aware now about these plots and they will not certainly accept any further plots again.

Which parties  do these movements serve?

Today we must not be drawn as much as possible into those plans that have been going on for 170 years against the Kurdish people and raise weapons in each other's face no matter what happens. There is no unsolvable issue. Parties that do not pay attention to the initiatives of Kurdish unity, should be blamed.

I think that if those parties that are absent from the Kurdish rapprochement open dialogue with the other parties, there will be solutions to all the outstanding issues. There is no unsolvable issues.

 I hope that all the parties and leaders of Başûr of Kurdistan well-experienced to take seriously and carefully the stage and stop the fire that the enemy wishes to ignite. but if they seek disputes, there are many.

What are the KDP's objectives  to engage the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" in the escalation in that region?

I mentioned earlier that the enemy is trying to push some parties to commit  the past mistakes through different means and methods whether through  Peshmerga or Peshmerga Roj or any other forces. The enemy will spare no dirty efforts because  it does not have moral principles.

It turns out that the enemy may have many other international forces that keep silent when it comes to the Kurds, as if they had deals over the Kurds, this makes it imperative on us to open dialogue to find solutions.

What is its impact on the badly needed Kurdish unity at a time to preserve the gains made in Kurdistan?

Of course, whenever the Kurds reach unified opinion, or make attempts and efforts to be unified, attacks increase against them because the enemy of the Kurds are afraid of any Kurdish agreement following the latest positive actions to unify the views of the Kurdish parties . So the enemy is constantly seeking to ignite internal disputes between the Kurds by threatening some parties and influencing others to gain them to its side and to his advantage.

It is not a matter of part of Kurdistan, the enemy considers the four parts of Kurdistan as Kurds that must be eliminated indiscriminately through what is Turkish fascism doing today , so we have to be vigilant. There is no Kurd who wants to kill himself with his own hands.  

If the situation deteriorates, who will pay for these actions?

The only loser is the Kurdish people that are known internationally and regionally today and have real gains. Europeans are trying today to find out how to give the Kurdish people their historical rights and bring the Kurdish parties closer. They are even discussing with some Kurdish parties who participated in Kurdish areas division , because the Kurds have proven themselves in history and the world especially after they discovered that  the Kurds unity serves their interests that what makes them seek the Kurdish rapprochement.

So at this stage if any party fabricates differences that the Kurdish enemies keen on will pose a real threat on gains of the Kurds and abolish the international respect for the Kurdish people, after they proved that Kurds eliminated ISIS and protected humanity and the whole world.

Disputes among Kurds will end these gains and help the Kurdish people enemy to convince the world that Kurds are killing each other, that you try to keep your interests on their support, so we have to be careful and be vigilant and limit it.

 What is required of Kurdish political parties and intellectuals to prevent the situation from deteriorating?

 We have been talking too much and for a long time from the beginning.  when we ask any Kurdish party or political party, what does it seek? The answer is for Kurdistan people rights. The Kurdish people has the same identical view. For that we have always called on a Kurdish conference, where Kurdish people  should choose its representatives for achieving the Kurdish unity that is mostly needed in this difficult phase.  

Unity is necessary when there are outstanding problems that must be resolved. Frankly, we should return to people opinions to face any phase, this is the responsibility of any Kurdish party.

Writers and intellectuals represent the conscience of the people. They should express what the people decide neutrally without being involved in some parties plots. We are going through a historical phase today that requires all of us, not the Kurdish people but all the people living in Mesopotamia and Kurdistan to put hands in hands because our enemy wants to eliminate us.

 We hope that everyone will carry out their responsibilities and express what is going on in their consciences first and foremost are the Kurdish intellectuals and writers, because they are very familiar with what the Kurdish people have been subjected to historically for 170 years till now.

What is required of the people of Kurdistan in general and the people of Başûr in particular to block this escalation?

 Kurdish people should raise their voice in this regard. They must know the truth and have an honest stance. It is not only a matter of concern for Başûr of Kurdistan, the enemy will destroy us all at this historical stage.

Kurds should have a look on the Turkish enemy decision , they released 100,000 prisoners, none of whom are Kurdish politicians, there are more than 40,000 conscientious Kurds in prison, all have not been sentenced and  arrested because they fought for their Kurdish Cause heroically. 

There is a war of extermination against our people in Bakûr and Rojava. Horrible wars are launched against us everywhere, that even affected Libya, most importantly we have to know how our enemy attacks us and in what way.

My last word, for the past 170 years, the enemy has been hatching plots against us, makes us eat dipped in the blood of our Kurdish brother . We have to stay away from it, because to this day we are still under oppression and tyranny, all the peoples of Kurdistan of their Kurds, Arabs, their Assyrians, their Syriacs, Chaldeans and Turkmens  should unite and be carefull because these plots target all of us.


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