Turkish occupation bombes 10 populated villages in Manbij 

The Turkish occupation army bombed 10 populated villages in the countryside of Manbij Canton with mortar and artillery shells.

Turkish occupation bombes 10 populated villages in Manbij 
23 May 2024   11:40

The media center of the Manbij Military Council reported that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombed, after midnight last night, the populated villages of Manbij Canton with heavy weapons, and that the bombing began at exactly 12:00 until this morning hours.

The bombardment targeted the villages of Al-Jat, Aoun Al-Dadat, and Al-Tokhar in the northeastern countryside of Manbij with 24 mortar and artillery shells.

And the villages of Al-Dandaniya with 8, Al-Sayadah with 59, and Al-Yanli with 10 mortar and artillery shells in the northwestern countryside of Manbij Canton.

The villages of Al-Kawkli, Qart Wiran, and Al-Arima were hit with 64 mortar and artillery shells, and the village of Jib Makhzum in the western countryside of Manbij Canton was hit with 7 mortar and artillery shells.