Syrian politician: dispute between Tehran- Assad due to rejecting al-Assed involving in Gaza war

A Syrian politician considered the Biden administration's recent withdrawal of the anti-normalization project with the Damascus government, and talk of disagreements between the latter and Iran, as a result of pressure on the US President's administration, and the Damascus government's political and military position on the war between Hamas and Israel.

Syrian politician: dispute between Tehran- Assad due to rejecting al-Assed involving in Gaza war
16 May 2024   09:53

Many reports spoke about the existence of disagreements between the Damascus government and Iran, especially after Israel’s assassination of a number of leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria, which media sources indicated that there was collusion by some leaders of the security services affiliated with the Damascus government, by giving the coordinates of these leaders to Israel, the matter Which facilitated their targeting, in conjunction with Bashar al-Assad’s talk about meetings with American delegations, in light of the Biden administration’s recent withdrawal of the anti-normalization project with the Damascus government.

The Syrian politician, Samira Moubayed, promised that “it is clear that there is a divergence in positions between the Iranian government and Bashar al-Assad’s regime,” attributing this to the presence of several reasons, the most important of which is “the pressures exerted by Iran to compensate for the cost of the armed conflict in which it engaged to keep Bashar al-Assad on the one hand, and the successive assassinations of Iraninas officials in the areas under the control of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, on the other hand, in addition to that, is Bashar al-Assad’s lack of involvement in the war raging in the Gaza Strip, politically or militarily, which the Iranian side considered to be submission to the directions of the governments of several Arab countries in this context.”

The Syrian opponent linked this dispute “to statements by Bashar al-Assad in which he noted the occurrence of meetings with the West,” and Samira Moubayed saw it as coming “in the context of political hypocrisy, by virtue of his using ideological rhetoric that opposes and incites the West on the one hand, and by virtue of his lack of credibility regarding such occurrences and  meetings on the other hand.

She pointed out that "the return of Bashar al-Assad and his regime's relations with the international system is ruled out today, as a result of the violations he committed against the Syrian people, and it may be limited to the role of the branches specialized in following up on the liberation of hostages, forcibly disappeared persons, and detainees."

Samira Moubayed commented on the Biden administration’s recent withdrawal of the project against normalization with the Damascus government, saying, “The administration of the current US President, Biden, procrastinated on the law against normalization with the Bashar al-Assad regime, can be read as a result of the pressures to which this administration is subjected following the conflict in the Gaza Strip, which led to To tension and polarization in political and popular frameworks, not to mention that the administration of President Biden is preparing for the upcoming elections, and is seeking not to lose electoral votes from any party, and that is what led to this procrastination.”

She added, "But that does not change the official position of American institutions, as well as the position of official institutions in several European countries, which is a firm and firm position towards rejecting the humanitarian violations that took place against the Syrian people, preventing normalization with the Bashar al-Assad regime at all levels, and pushing towards political change in Syria."

T/ Satt.