Political empowerment of Women takes priority in SDC’s General Meeting

Women in the Syrian Democratic Council have formulated a strategy and mechanism to empower women politically and intellectually, which is scheduled to be implemented in the next stage.

Political empowerment of Women takes priority in SDC’s General Meeting
Political empowerment of Women takes priority in SDC’s General Meeting
Political empowerment of Women takes priority in SDC’s General Meeting
Political empowerment of Women takes priority in SDC’s General Meeting
14 February 2024   12:46

The formulation of new mechanisms for the political and intellectual empowerment of women resulted in the first public meeting held by women in the Syrian Democratic Council on Monday (February 12), after the Council’s fourth conference was held in late December 2023, according to the Council’s official website.

The meeting was held in the city of Raqqa, in the presence of Layla Qaraman, Co-chairwoman of the SDC,  the co-chair, Janda Muhammad, the head of the Women’s Office, Jihan Khedro, and all women in the council, representatives of the SDC abroad also participated in the meeting via Zoom platform.

The importance of this meeting that included all women in the SDC, is based on the new structure in highlighting the role of women in political work. Also, the structure focused on the necessity of women’s participation by 50 percent in all council structures. Additionally, it urged the belief in their pioneering missions in all offices to develop work in the SDC inside Syria and outside it through representatives.

Layla Qaraman emphasized the importance of the role of Syrian women, "They have been leading figures and pioneers since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution until today, making a significant progress in various fields to play a vital role through managing the feminist work and enhancing the political participation."

   "Despite the significant challenges, women in the SDC have managed to assert their presence, represent the Syrian feminist stance, and have become influential in Syrian society over eight years of work in the SDC” Qaraman added.

On the other hand, Qaraman noted that all political paths to follow have not been successful because women did not have a real role. So, through the efforts of all Syrian women, the democratic transition process will take place, and steps will be taken towards a better future for Syria.

She emphasized the need to unify the efforts of Syrian women to form a strong women’s front capable of facing challenges and contributing to making the Syrian issue takes the priority within the international community’s agenda. Also, she affirmed that the SDC continues to work on the intra-Syrian dialogue in accordance with the national consensus that will meet the aspirations of the Syrian people.

In response, Janda Muhammad pointed out that ongoing conflicts at the international, regional, and local levels indicate that crises will continue and there are no solutions in the near-term. Also, she noted that there are several projects proposed, and each party seeks to implement its agendas which directly affects the Syrian issue.

Muhammad stated that the SDC is an inclusive national project for all Syrians, undertaking major national and political tasks. It takes all initiatives to unify the struggle of Syrians to save the Syrian people from impacts of the current crisis, reunite Syria, and build a democracy.

In turn, Jihan Khedro urged all Syrian women to unify Syrian feminist work and achieve the unity of Syrian women, so that Syrian women can enjoy their full political, social, economic, and legal rights, and uphold their rights in Syria’s future constitution.

At the end of the meeting, the participants outlined the annual work plans. These plans will contribute to enhance and empower women politically and intellectually reaching all women, especially those in the Syrian interior and in the occupied Syrian territories.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of working to provide job opportunities and create a supportive environment for women’s participation in political field. It urged to enhance women’s capabilities and empowering them to play effective roles for building and developing society.