Military official of ISIS mercenaries arrested in Raqqa

During a security operation carried out in the northern countryside of Raqqa, the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested an ISIS leader who was responsible for bombings, assassinations, kidnapping crimes, and terrorizing civilians.

Military official of ISIS mercenaries arrested in Raqqa
23 May 2024   12:43

Within the framework of the ongoing operations of the Syrian Democratic Forces against the remnants of the remaining ISIS mercenary cells, the Special Operations Teams (TOL) of the forces carried out, the day before yesterday, (May 21), a “special and precise security operation” in Raqqa.

The operation resulted in the arrest of an ISIS mercenary leader in the northern countryside of Raqqa, according to what the Media Center published on its official website today.

 In details about the operation to arrest him, the forces said that the operation “took place after our forces collected sufficient and comprehensive information about the movements of the terrorist “Ayman Abd al-Moati” and his terrorist activities in the region, and our forces were able to raid the terrorist’s location and arrest him.”

The SDF explained that “the terrorist Abd al-Moati is the organization’s first military official in Raqqa, and he is the planner of all terrorist acts in Raqqa and its countryside, including bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, terrorism, and intimidation of civilians,” adding that “the arrested terrorist was hiding and moving in the region under two other names,” Yaqoub Al-Hadidi and Osama Al-Qurashi “for the purpose of camouflaging himself and his terrorist acts.”

The forces revealed that during the operation they seized the following weapons and equipment from the “terrorist”:

 1 – Smartphones /4/ devices.

 2 - Personal documents and identification.

 3 - WIFI device number /1/.

4 - Kalashnikov weapon number /3/.

 5 - Kalashnikov weapon stores, number 6.

 6 - Kalashnikov rounds/3000/rounds.

 7 – Large mines, number /2/.

 8 – Small hand mines, number /2/.

 9 - Explosive belts, number /3/

 10 - 9 pistol rounds, 50 rounds.

 11 - Electronic and electrical circuits and batteries

The Syrian Democratic Forces reaffirmed their determination to continue "its operations against the terrorist organization, by destroying its hideouts and secret hideouts and dismantling its terrorist cells, until it is eradicated from our entire territory."