Mass march in Tal Hamis condemns Leader's isolation 

Participants in a demonstration organized in Tal Hamis condemned the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan and demanded his physical freedom. They affirmed their commitment to his path and rejected his isolation, calling on humanitarian organizations to "take firm and serious action against the Turkish occupation state."

Mass march in Tal Hamis condemns Leader's isolation 
10 July 2024   13:31

Hundreds of residents of Tal Hamis in Jazera Canton, along with members of civil institutions, political parties, and Arab tribal leaders, gathered in front of the traffic center east of the city to march in protest of the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The march moved through the streets of the city, with chants rejecting the practices of the Turkish occupation state against the leader, such as "Down with Erdogan" and "No Life Without the Leader." 

Upon reaching the public prosecutor's roundabout, participants observed a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs, followed by a speech from Khaled Al-Naif, member of the Martyrs' Families Council in Tal Hamis. He stated: "All unethical practices by Erdogan's government against the leader do not comply with the charters of the Security Council and human rights organizations. This clearly indicates the complicity of organizations and capitalist countries with the Turkish occupation state at the expense of the leader's physical freedom."

Sheikh Nawaf Farhan Al-Taie, speaking on behalf of the Tayy Arab tribe, highlighted: "The unity and solidarity of the Arab and Kurdish tribes and other components in the regions of NE Syria are greatly attributed to leader Abdullah Ocalan, who paved the way for the brotherhood of peoples and united hearts in love and equality."

Farhan emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation to face all challenges and difficulties confronting the region of NE Syria, saying: "The stronger our unity, the harder it is for the enemy to defeat us and achieve its barbaric and terrorist goals."

Additionally, Mawiya Al-Hadid, member of the Star Congress in Tal Hamis, pointed out in her speech that: "The ideology of leader Abdullah Ocalan played a significant role in liberating women from governments that seek to diminish their role and make them mere tools used by men to meet their demands. After adopting his ideology, women have become leaders in all fields and have broken the male-dominated mindset."

The march concluded with the chant "Long live the resistance of Imrali.”