IED explosion kills officer in Deir ez-Zor desert

The explosion of an IED planted by ISIS mercenaries in the Deir ez-Zor desert led to the death of an officer from the Damascus government forces.

IED explosion kills officer in Deir ez-Zor desert
17 March 2024   13:38

 An officer of Damascus forces with the rank of “first lieutenant” was killed, as a result of the explosion of an IED planted by “ISIS” cells in Deir ez-Zor desert area. The killed officer hailed from Bustan Al-Hamam village in Baniyas in Tartous countryside. This comes in light of the escalation in the activity of “ISIS” cells deployed in several areas of the Syrian desert and carrying out repeated attacks against regime forces.

The death toll during military attacks within the Syrian desert, according to Observatory documents, has reached 217 dead since the beginning of 2024, including: 35 citizens, including a child, 160 from Damascus government forces and affiliated groups, 22 ISIS mercenaries, who were killed in 82 ISIS attacks within various areas of the desert, It was carried out through ambushes, armed attacks, and bombings in the desert of Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, and Homs.