Hawar news agency plan ANHA 5-17-2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 5-17-2024
17 May 2024   02:00

Members of the Martyrs’ Families Councils in the Euphrates District attributed the Turkish occupation state’s tightening of isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan to its fear of his philosophy, and they emphasized strengthening the struggle until their leader’s physical freedom is achieved (attached with photos and video).

The sister of one of the martyrs of the Hawler massacre pledged to continue following the path of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the path of the martyrs, and called on the Kurds not to listen to the approach of treason, and said: “Treason will not go unpunished, and we will avenge our martyrs” (attached with photos and video).

The High Election Commission Committee in Deir ez-Zor  canton formed 18 electoral committees for the cities and towns of the province, in preparation for the municipal elections scheduled for next June 11 (photos and video attached).

She realized that she was Kurdish and her language was Kurdish when she was 15 years old, and from that day on, she began the struggle and sacrificed two martyrs in this way, to continue her struggle alongside learning the Kurdish language for 40 years (attached with pictures and video).

A Syrian political writer considered the signing of the security agreement between Iraq and the Damascus government a “sham demonstration” of the process of “combat drug smuggling and combating terrorism,” noting that this step was prompted by Tehran, especially since the decisions of the Baghdad and Damascus governments are subject to the Iranian decision (attached with photos).

The tourist places in Al-Jazeera District are witnessing major attacks on their environment by hikers, by leaving their waste and encroaching on the vegetation. The Environment Agency is working through its programs to raise the level of environmental awareness and culture, in addition to studying the activation of the environmental control system (attached with photos and video).

In condemnation of the rulings of the Supreme Criminal Court in Ankara, against 108 politicians and human rights activists from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) against the backdrop of the Kobani case, the people of the Euphrates District go out in a demonstration, starting from Women's Square in the city of Kobani, at 17:00 (photos and video attached).

The Martyrs' Families Council lights candles on the shrines of the martyrs in the shrines of the martyrs in the cities of Tal Hamis, Tirbe Spiyeh, Ad-Darbasiyah, Al-Hasakah, Tal Tamr, Al-Shaddadi and Derik in the Jazira District, at 19:00. In the Euphrates District, a memorial ceremony is held for the martyr Haqqi and the martyrs of the months of April and May in the shrine of the Martyr Tigris, at 19:00 (photos attached).