Hawar news agency plan ANHA 3-3-2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 3-3-2024
3 March 2024   02:00

Professor Marco Okazawa Ray indicated that she was introduced to the project of the Kurdish women’s struggle movement for freedom through the martyr Nakhan Akarsal and the Kurdish women revolutionaries, and she said that the project of the Democratic Confederation for Women excites them (attached with pictures).

In 2017, at a time when Şengal was still suffering from the brutality of ISIS mercenaries, the Kurdistan Democratic Party forces launched an attack on the Khansur district, which resulted in the martyrdom of fighters from the Şengal Resistance Units and the People Defense Forces, journalist Nojian Arhan, and a member of the Yazidi Marra Movement, Nazi (attached with photos).

The women of the Sheila Center for Women’s Protection participated in the Women’s Arts and Literature Festival for the first time, and the women sent a message saying: “They wanted slavery, so we created freedom” (attached with photos and video).

Developments in Suwayda, Syria, witnessed a qualitative shift after a demonstrator was killed by Damascus government forces, while the Iranians voted for an ineffective parliament amid minimal participation, while Turkey placed unfair demands on Iraq, represented by participating in the war against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and giving initial privileges to Turkish companies. In exchange for solving the water problem (attached with pictures).

Lebanon has been living under the impact of rampant crises at all levels, from politics to the economy, security and society, for more than four years, amid a presidential and institutional vacuum and a caretaker government (photos attached).

Under the slogan “Let us make the eighth of March a day to escalate the struggle and resistance,” the Women’s Council of the Democratic Union Party will organize a symposium on the eighth of March and the struggle of women, in the Khabur Park Hall in the city of Hasakah, at 9:30 (photos and video attached).

The councils of the Zenobia Women’s Association in the provinces of Manbij and Raqqa and the eastern and western countryside of Deir ez-Zor are organizing separate marches, as part of activities approaching the celebration of March 8 (International Women’s Day), starting at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The Syriac Union Party will hold its fourth conference at 10:00 in Zana Hall in Qamishlo (photos and video attached).

School evacuation for the first semester is distributed to students displaced from the occupied city of Sere Kaniye in the Sere Kaniye camp at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The University of Kobani in the Euphrates Province opens its new headquarters with a solemn ceremony attended by guests from the northern and eastern Syrian region, in the southern countryside of the city of Kobani at 11:00 (photos and video attached).

The Democratic Union Party in Ain Issa district in the Euphrates canton will hold a dialogue forum on March 8, at 11:00 (photos and video attached).

The Women’s Office in the People’s Municipality in the Tirbe Sipi district will open a toiletries store in the central market at 11:00 (photos and video attached).

The Syrian Democratic Council is organizing a dialogue symposium entitled “Participatory life is the basis of democratic transformation in Syria” in the meeting hall of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, at 12:00 (photos and video attached).

Kongra Star will open an intellectual training course for men in the Tel Hamis district of Al-Jazira District as part of its activities on the occasion of the arrival of March 8 in the Democratic Union Party hall (photos and video attached). Organized by Kongra Star, it will decorate the neighborhoods in the Darbasiyah district. A lecture for men will also continue on its second day at 12:00. (Photos and video attached).

The first performances of the cinematic musical “The Red Braid” by the Golden Crescent will begin at 18:00 at the theater of the Cultural Center in Raqqa canton, the theater of the Muhammad Sheikho Center in the city of Qamishlo, and the theater of the Baqi Khedo Center in the city of Kobani (attached with photos and video).