Amina Omar: 4th conference will witness changes in structure of SDC

The Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council stated that the 4th conference will witness fundamental and structural changes that will achieve a new, stronger start in openness to European and Arab countries and in political and diplomatic work, and the greater focus will be on community diplomacy.

Amina Omar: 4th conference will witness changes in structure of SDC
19 December 2023   04:01

 ANHA agency conducted an extensive dialogue with the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar.

The text of the dialogue is as follows:

* What are the most prominent political and diplomatic steps that you have taken, and where have the negotiations reached with the Syrian parties to find a political solution to the Syrian dilemma, and have you had any contact with other countries?

 It has been 5 years since the third conference was held. Of course, there were objective reasons that caused the delay in holding this conference. These reasons are represented by the Turkish attacks on the region and the occupation of the cities of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi in 2019, after which the spread of The Corona epidemic, which has continued for a long time, is now about to hold this conference.

During these years, the Syrian Democratic Council had a lot of work and activities, the most important of which was the path of the national dialogue and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue. Many dialogues and meetings were held inside Syrian territory, and also in Europe, and are still continuing until now.

 These dialogues were attended by many democratic figures, forces and political parties, and the goal was to unite Syrians in order to agree among themselves to find an appropriate political solution to the Syrian crisis. During this period, we met many political forces and independent democratic figures, and discussed a lot about the future of Syria and especially the Syrian people who are suffering greatly in the absence of a solution. for this crisis.

As a result of these meetings, there was satisfaction from the parties, forces and personalities with whom we met, in order to accelerate the gathering of the Syrian democratic opposition abroad.

 Certainly there were international parties, there were countries that we discussed with regarding supporting these parties together, there was real support from Western countries. France, Sweden, Britain, and especially the United States of America.

These meetings that took place recently were supposed to lead to holding a conference of democratic forces and personalities, but due to the circumstances the region is going through and international circumstances, this prevented the conference from being held at the appropriate time.

*Is there communication between SDC and the Damascus government?

There is no dialogue between the Syrian Democratic Council and the authority in Damascus, and the meetings that took place did not yield any results because all the meetings were not serious.

*What is the extent of understanding between SDC and the rest of the political parties?

During the past few years, there have been a number of understandings between the SDC and other political parties, the Syrian Democratic Council, as a Syrian national political framework has a clear program, which is a pluralistic and decentralized Syria, and we are with the solution. Politically, we are with the Syrian National Dialogue, therefore there was consensus and memorandums of understanding reached with some forces, namely the Popular Will Party and the National Coordination Body for the Forces for Democratic Change.

* It has been 5 years since the occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Girê Spi, and it was preceded by other areas of Syria. There are daily crimes committed there. What political and diplomatic steps is the Syrian Democratic Council taking to restore those occupied areas?

The issue of the occupied territories is one of the priorities of the Syrian Democratic Council in its political and diplomatic work. The issue of the occupied areas of Syria is always on the tables of our discussions with all the parties we meet, and we always with a radical solution to these areas by pressuring the Turkish side to withdraw from Syria.

What is the Syrian Democratic Council seeking in its 4th conference? Are there changes that will occur, and what are your plans?

I mentioned that there are changes taking place at the international, regional and local levels. Therefore, the Syrian Democratic Council also, as an alliance of political forces believes that there is a need for change also in its structure.  Yes, there is a change that will occur in the structure of the Council that will open the doors more to political parties and there will be broader participation.

 This new structure will achieve a new, stronger start towards openness with the outside within political and diplomatic work, whether it is openness towards Arab countries or working more politically and diplomatically towards Europe, and focusing more on community diplomacy. Through the new structure, there will be more attention and greater priority to the humanitarian aspect, issues of refugees and detainees.

* The conference will be held on December 20th. What will it be based on? Who will attend?

The 4th Syrian Democratic Council conference, which will be held on the 20th of this month  has great importance because the region is going through a very sensitive stage.

On the Syrian level, this conference is considered a major event with the attendance of a large group of parties, forces and political figures from all Syrian regions.

The Syrian situation will be discussed in general during the last stage, the reasons for the delay in the solution and the deepening of the Syrian crisis, which parties are seeking to prolong the Syrian crisis in this way, why the political process has become a thing of the past, why there are no initiatives to solve the Syrian crisis through political means, these All issues will be discussed and evaluated so that we can come up with a consensus vision in order to find a solution.”

More than 300 personalities will attend the conference. There will also be attendees from abroad, but due to the issue of crossings and not allowing entry into the area, there will be participation of personalities via the “ZOOM” video application.

The Syrian Democratic Council was scheduled to hold its fourth conference in 2020, but the occupation of the cities of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi in 2019 prevented it from being held.

The conference will be held for one day only, and will begin with speeches from SDC and the guests, after which the conference will be closed to the media to discuss the organizational situation and Council documents, then elect a new joint presidency of the Council.