"Unrest spread in Syria confusing Gov; Turkey seeks to reinforce its greediness in Syria- Iraq

The popular protests expanded in As-Suwayda with the support of the spiritual presidency, confusing the Damascus government, while Turkey is working to unify the administration of the occupied Syrian regions, while it also sought to blackmail Baghdad during Hakan Fidan's visit.

"Unrest spread in Syria confusing Gov; Turkey seeks to reinforce its greediness in Syria- Iraq
26 August 2023   21:04

Popular demonstrations are expanding

The beginning is with the Syrian issue, and in this context the Arab newspapers touched on the protests taking place in As-Suwayda Governorate, and Al-Arab newspaper indicated that the popular demonstrations are expanding and further confusing the Damascus government, and what indicates the possibility of continuing demonstrations and escalating developments there is the support of the spiritual leadership of the representative Druze monotheistic Muslims Sheikh Hikmat al-Hijri attended the protests, as he called on the people of Syria to take action to achieve change and justice, stressing that the protesters have the right to demand a decent life.

Turkish goals of unifying the administration of the occupied Syrian regions

  The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, in its turn, indicated that Turkey has several goals in its efforts to unify the administration of the occupied Syrian regions, and among these goals is that these regions have a single economic entity that benefits from foreign aid, and thus Turkey gets rid of any economic burdens, as Turkey hopes that this step will lead to an exception These areas are from Caesar’s sanctions, thus accelerating the construction of cities in these areas and the further resettlement of Syrian refugees.

In addition, this plan will further reduce the role of the "coalition" and the continued international intervention through it.

Turkey seeks to blackmail Baghdad again

Al-Arab newspaper also touched on the Iraqi-Turkish relations, and in this context it saw that the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to Baghdad carries remarkable connotations, especially as it coincides with a visit by the Iraqi Oil Minister to Ankara, during which he heard from his Turkish counterpart unreasonable talk about the resumption of exports Southern Kurdistan oil.

The newspaper believes, quoting Iraqi political circles, that things are not going smoothly with the Turkish side, regarding the resumption of oil exports through the port of Jihan, and that Ankara is apparently trying to use this file as a card to blackmail Baghdad regarding other files that are not devoid of political and security dimensions.

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