More than 2,300 arrested over France protests

The French authorities announced the arrest of more than 700 people last night, bringing the total number of detainees since the start of the protests to more than 2,300.

More than 2,300 arrested over France protests
2 July 2023   07:26

The French Ministry of the Interior said that 719 people were arrested last night, in an indefinite toll, after the protests recorded a significant decline, hours after the funeral of Nael (17 years).

Until 3:30 a.m. on Sunday (01:30 GMT), the French Ministry of the Interior did not record any major protests, as the ministry resorted, for the second night in a row, to mobilize 45,000 police forces, including 7,000 in Paris and its surrounding suburbs, in addition to security reinforcements in cities such as Marseille, Lyon and other parts that have been subjected over the past four nights to a series of riots, theft and looting, according to what the French News Agency announced.

A limited number of incidents were reported on the night of Saturday-Sunday, in the cities of Marseille and Lyon, the largest in France after the capital.

killing of Nael took place on Tuesday morning, behind the La Défense neighborhood near Paris, when he did not comply with a checkpoint and tried to bypass it, according to what France 24 said.

Hundreds participated in the funeral ceremonies on Saturday, from the Ibn Badis Mosque to the Mont Valerian Cemetery in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre, knowing that the family requested that journalists not attend to cover the farewell ceremony.

On Saturday, the French police announced the arrest of 994 people on Friday night, while they arrested 667 people on Thursday evening, according to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan, bringing the number of those arrested since the start of the popular protests to 2,384.