Syrian writer, researcher describes Jeffrey's recent statements as attempt to clear Turkey off of its crimes

Reportaj Summay

Syrian writer, researcher describes Jeffrey's recent statements as attempt to clear Turkey off of its crimes
5 January 2022   23:03

 The Syrian writer and researcher, Ahmed Al-Darzi, said that James Jeffrey’s statements do not represent his person, but rather the US administration and the directives of US policy in West Asia as a whole, stressing that the United States of America will not hold Turkey accountable if the latter does not go to a strategic alliance with Russia and China.

 Last week, the former US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey claimed that the mercenaries who were involved in the crimes in Serêkaniyê were held accountable.  With regard to the massacres and crimes committed by the organizations supported by Turkey, the United States of America and Turkey are acquitted of these crimes and to blame in the next stage for these groups under the title that they are undisciplined and disorderly groups.

The text of the interview is as follows:

 *Since its occupation of Afrin in 2018, and Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî 2019, Turkey has been committing crimes against the indigenous population through its mercenary groups.  The US envoy to Syria under Donald Trump, James Jeffrey, admitted to committing these crimes.  What does this recognition mean?

 I must make clear that the statements made by the former representative of the US administration regarding the Syrian file during the era of Donald Trump express the US administration in particular, and do not express Jeffrey itself, when he wwas in charge of the Syrian file in Turkey, and he was very close to Turkey   but rather he represents the American political orientations in West Asia as a whole. When he deals with the file of the Turkish occupation of northern Syria in all regions, whether in Idlib, which he described at one stage as one of the fortresses of the Syrian opposition, and Washington will not allow it to be brought down, he expresses  about the direction of the American project to keep the entire north of Syria under Turkish occupation under the title of the Syrian opposition, and he wants his statements regarding the massacres and crimes committed by the organizations supported by Turkey, to exonerate the United States of America and acquit Turkey of these crimes and to bear its burden in the next stage for these groups under the title  They are uncontrolled and undisciplined groups.

* Jeffrey tried to polish Turkey's image by saying that mercenary groups committed war crimes.  Can the groups affiliated with Turkey do something without instructions from the Turkish army?  And this being the case, why is Jeffrey trying to polish Turkey's image?

 We all know that these groups are supported by Turkey, directed by the Turkish intelligence and the Turkish army, and cannot move a finger without orders from them, and Turkey cannot proceed with its policies in the northern regions away from the implicit and clear approval of the American administration, which agreed to occupy Afrin  Which fell through a semi-agreement and Russian-American complicity due to considerations that concern them with each other and self-considerations for each of them, and what is related to the policies followed in these areas is closer to being a purely American policy through the Turkish administration, and then these armies that will bear responsibility for the crimes and exonerate the American administration and the political and intelligence leaders  The real Turkish involved.

 * Jeffrey was the US ambassador to Turkey for many years, and he had the most prominent role in the American withdrawal from north and east Syria, and opened the way for Turkey to occupy the region and commit these massacres against the people.  Isn't Jeffrey also responsible for these crimes?

Holding James Jeffrey responsible for the exit of the United States of America or Washington allowing Turkey to occupy large areas of northern Syria is unrealistic, and we cannot imagine that James Jeffrey could do this;  Because it is basically an American employee who was assigned to manage the Syrian file in accordance with the set strategy, and he is implementing the instructions of this administration, and therefore it is a grave mistake to hold one person within a superpower that has its institutions and study centers and formulates its policies with utmost precision to serve its interests, responsibility, and the real controller is the deep state  In the United States of America, which saw its greatest interests with Turkey and not with any other party;  For considerations related to the major conflict at the international level between it and Russia and China, and to invest Turkey’s ability to influence Russia and China, through the Turkish-speaking peoples and countries extending in Central Asia and northwestern China.

 * Crimes in the Syrian areas occupied by Turkey are committed in front of the eyes of the international powers and the international community.  Why this blindness to the Turkish crimes documented by a United Nations report issued in September 2021?

 As for the crimes in the areas occupied by Turkey, the international community is a faltering society that is not concerned with issues related to human rights and crimes and felonies as much as its interests can be achieved. The priority for the higher strategy of these countries, especially Western countries in general, especially the United States and most European Union countries.

 The overall policies that are drawn up in these countries are drawn on the basis of interests and use human rights issues and defend freedoms and democracies to serve the American and Western interests when they require it, and when these crimes and felonies conflict with economic and geopolitical interests, silence is their fate.

 This is the West in general, whose sacred priority is to maintain its continued hegemony on the center of global decision-making, its continued looting of large areas of the world, and the control of the global economy in a large and large way.

*Is the silence of the international community not a message to Turkey to continue its crimes and not hold it accountable?

 There is no message for Turkey to continue its crimes, but there is a Western American cover for it to continue these policies as long as Turkey can achieve the higher interests of this Western system. The priority it has in its international struggle requires that it be allied with Turkey and that it recover it completely to be disciplined within the policies that it  drawn by Ankara, not the policies drawn by Ankara.

 The Turkish project has exceeded what it was drawn to, and it is now on the way back to the fold of the Western project to be regulated with its objectives and general contexts, regardless of the negative effects on the peoples of the region.

 * How serious is the international community in holding Turkey accountable for its crimes, which are not limited to Syria, but have reached Nagorno-Karabakh, Libya and other parts of the world?

 What Turkey accomplished in Syria and Iraq, which reached areas in Bashiqa and tried to reach Şengal, in addition to the Caucasus region, Libya and all these regions to which it jumped, ultimately serves Western interests, so there is no real seriousness on the part of the countries of the so-called lying international community in holding Turkey accountable  Except when it cannot fully control its policies with it, and not take advantage of the large margin that it and others owned as a result of the American retreat and Western retreat in the face of China and Russia.  Complete about the Western project, and took its final decision to turn to China and Russia, and entered with them within the Belt and Road Initiative project and the Eurasian project, and I think that this cannot be done because the Turkish economy is linked to the Western economy, and the policies of the World Bank dominate the economic and political policies in it, but it will continue to play on  Margins of contradictions between countries, to expand their ability to restore their imperial project, which collapsed after the First World War.

 * What is required of the international community, especially the United Nations, to carry out its moral and humanitarian duties, as well as to the minimum extent of applying the laws on which it was founded?

 Much more is required of the United Nations, and not only on issues related to Turkish crimes.  Rather, it is with all the crimes in Palestine, Lebanon, and Yemen, and all the crimes that are not mentioned. Therefore, I do not rely on the issue of the United Nations, in which the Security Council approved resolutions that were not implemented, including Resolution 242 in 1967 after the occupation of the West Bank in Palestine, Sinai and the Golan.  Or with regard to the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus, and there is a Security Council resolution that has not been implemented, and there are dozens of laws that have not been implemented;  Because the interests of states are higher than the interests of peoples, so I think that we should rely only on ourselves, the Syrians, to hold Turkey accountable by removing it from the occupied north of Syria completely, which can be reflected on the Turkish interior by dropping Turkish illusions if they are of a national nature or of a nature  Expansive character and historical Ottoman objective.