Hawar news agency's daily 14-4-2019

Hawar news agency's daily 14-4-2019
14 April 2019   01:00

-  Following up the Resistance of the Age in the second stage, the situation of the people who are residing in al-Shahba, and the activities that support the Resistance of the Age.

- Following up the latest developments about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the lands of north and east Syria, Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the lawful defense zones, and the operations of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army.

- Following up the combing operations carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Baguz after liberating it completely from Daesh mercenaries.

- The people of Dêrik and Girkê Legê bid farewell martyr Çiya Kurd Dêrik to the shrine of martyr Xebat at 15:00. (Photo and video attachment).

- The components of Tirbe Spiyê organize a march in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Turkish prisons, in order to denounce the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan, the rally starts at Kongra Star Center at 12.00. (Photo and video attachment).

- The expert on terrorism affairs, Maher Farghali, said that Daesh is seeking suicide attacks to create hotbeds of tension again, adding that Daesh mercenaries detained by SDF have great economic consequences. The world is not cooperating on this file. Europe fears that these will be returned and tried, therefore, the whole world must cooperate on this issue. (Photo attached).


- A member of the Executive Committee of the National Democratic Alliance in Aleppo, Mohammed Darwish, said that the negotiations of Astana will not reach a result serving the Syrian people, and stressed that the tripartite deals are seeking their interests. He said that "Turkey supported Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former Jabhet al-Nusra) with modern weapons." (attached with photo and video).

-  Two politicians from Serê Kaniyê called for resorting to a political solution free from the military, calling on all parties to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue "without preconditions."(Photo and video attachment).


- Russia has renewed its discontent with the Turkish procrastination in Idlib, and stressed the exit of Iran from the Syrian arena, while SDF required the condition of Turkey's departure from Afrin to agree to negotiate with them and accused Moscow of disrupting dialogue with the regime, while the Arab countries witnessed rapid developments where the Sudanese army arrested Bashir, and clashes in Tripoli, Libya. (photo attached).


-  The Kongra Star will continues its campaign to support the hunger strike in the tent in Ahras district on its fifth day with the participation of the Golden Crescent Movement (photo and video attachment).

Society and life

-  Media Bozan stressed that the plans to be implemented by the local administration and municipalities will be a sustainable strategy. She explained that the local administration and municipalities of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria have a work plan for service projects at a cost of 42 billion Syrian pounds. (Photo and video attachment).

-  Life goes on day after day in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo, and by self-help, the people of the neighborhood managed to organize their affairs and restore life to the neighborhood, which was destroyed almost completely. (Photo and video attachment).