WorldAmerica leaves Syria ..who is loser ,who is winner

The announcement of US President Donald Trump of withdrawal of his troops from Syria, raised several questions and the impact on the already deteriorating situation in the region. But the main beneficiaries of the withdrawal appear to be Iran and Turkey, while Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the most prominent losers

WorldAmerica leaves Syria ..who is loser ,who is winner
1 April 2018   10:19

NEWS DESK -The US president announced two days ago the withdrawal of US troops participating in the framework of the international coalition against IS, from Syria, and this step raised a lot of controversy.

Al-Arab newspaper drew attention to the issue under the title "Turkey and Iran are planning to succeed the American influence," and said that the reactions to the Trump Declaration was not too late. Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, called for not withdrawal of US units from Syria because of its direct and rapid effects, Warning that Iran will invest this withdrawal in the installation of the "Shiite Crescent," which has been planned since the beginning of the revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

Observers point out that the withdrawal from Syria would mean that the United States conceded defeat to Russia, Iran and Turkey, the three countries that formed a kind of alliance to seize the keys to a political solution in Syria according to the interests of the countries concerned. The hidden goal of this alliance is to force Washington to accept it Reality, or play a secondary role that goes beyond just commenting on what is going on.
They warn that the withdrawal of the United States from the positions of temporary influence in Syria will make the three countries to covet more concessions, especially in Iraq, which is almost semi-final to be under Iranian influence, while Turkey alone settle accounts with the Kurds in Syria and Iraq.

Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, former editor of al-Sharq al-Awsat and former director general of Al-Arabiya said "The US withdrawal from Syria will make it easier for the Iranian regime to complete the final chapter by fully taking over Syria, and control of Iraq and Lebanon. "

In the daily al-Hayat, Hazem al-Amin wrote "Trump will withdraw from Syria and beyond ... the flood. "The American move, if it is to be implemented quickly, will allow for countless confrontations. Syria means a sure confrontation between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria, and the withdrawal also means turning the chances of a confrontation between Tehran and Tel Aviv into a near-reality, and the withdrawal means leaving Vladimir Putin as the only international player in Syria.