Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal

He was kidnapped at a young age and does not remember much of what happened to him and his family at the hands of ISIS mercenaries, until he was liberated in Idlib and arrived in al-Hasakah to return from there to his village from which he was kidnapped in Şengal and among his family.

Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal
Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal
Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal
Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal
29 November 2023   05:01

The people of Şengal are still suffering from the pain caused by ISIS mercenaries during their attack on the province on August 3, 2014, after the Kurdistan Democratic Peshmerga and the Iraqi army fled, leaving the Yazidis without protection in the face of ISIS.

Today, 9 years after the massacre in which thousands of victims were lost, and more than 80 mass graves were spread in the villages of Şengal, the Yazidi Rojin, who kidnapped a child and a young man, arrived at the Yazidi house in the Jazira region, to deliver him to his family in Şengal.

The Yazidi House in the Jazira region announced on Sunday, November 26, that it had received from the Internal Security Forces in the city of al-Hasakah the young man Rojin Hadid Talal, born in the village of Hardan in Şengal in 2007, after he was moved across the Syrian geography from one place to another by ISIS mercenaries until he arrived in Idlib. In 2019, it was liberated.

ISIS mercenaries had kidnapped 6,417 Yazidis, including 3,548 women and 2,869 men, according to what was documented by Yazidi organizations.

The various liberation campaigns launched later resulted in the liberation of 3,739 Yazidis, including 1,203 women and hundreds of children, while the fate of the rest of them remains unknown until now.

The journey of Rojin's torment, who was a young child when he was kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries, was full of terror and pain after he was separated from his family members who were transferred to Syrian territory, and then began the story of them being sold as slaves in the slave market in the areas controlled by ISIS mercenaries. It is as if we are in the worst stages of the era of decadence in ancient times.

Because of the horrors and terror, he encountered, feelings of fear still control him on his journey. The years of kidnapping and living among mercenaries were extremely cruel. He indicated to ANHA agency’s correspondents that he did not remember many of the details of his kidnapping and the suffering he lived with.

However, Rojin remembers his journey of suffering and misery that began from the village of Hardan in Şengal, all the way to Syria and passed through many different areas, ending up in the city of al-Baghouz, which was the last stronghold of ISIS mercenaries, where he was bought by another mercenary named Ahmed, who was wounded in his leg…so, Rojin was brought to help him.

With the arrival of the Syrian Democratic Forces to the outskirts of the town of al-Baghouz and its besiegement of the mercenaries, Rojin’s new journey began, which was to go with an Iraqi girl from the families of ISIS mercenaries to al-Hol Camp, and then head to the city of Idlib, which is under the control of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries via smugglers who transported him with ISIS families.

Rojin, who is now 17 years old, and who has not forgotten his family yet, confirms that while he was with ISIS mercenaries, he was unable to reach his family and never saw them, and they are still kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries.

He says that he does not remember all of these details because of his young age at the time, except that the mercenaries forced him to convert to Islam and change his name to Abdullah.

Rojin was able to reach his brother, who had previously been liberated from ISIS mercenaries, via social media, and they then communicated with the Yazidi House. Rojin, through other smugglers, arrived in the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and he was received by the Yazidi House, “describing his happiness” by saying: “His joy is indescribable upon his arrival to return to his hometown - Şengal again.”

T/ Satt.