Old Patriots: November 27 is a holy day

The old patriots in the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods see the attempts of international powers to separate the PKK from the people as a failure, and that the people saw the light through it, and they affirmed that November 27 is a holy day.

Old Patriots: November 27 is a holy day
29 November 2023   03:12

November 27 marked the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and on this occasion, the old patriots renewed their close connection with the party.

Ahmed Nabiko, brother of the martyr in the People Defense Forces, Dilshir Afrin, real name is Inaam Habash, who was martyred in 1998. He got to know the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the 1980s, and found in the party what he did not find in previous parties that were established according to national and religious foundations.

Ahmed Nabiko referred to what the Kurdistan Workers’ Party achieved by saying: “With the emergence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, we were able to reach this stage of progress, and to get to know ourselves and our rights, and thanks to it we demanded them. We were in a state of loss and dispersion before it. The emergence of the party is a qualitative step that lifted us from darkness to light, and we now see freedom through it.”

Nabiko said: “On the 45th anniversary of the founding of the party, we will achieve victory and liberate the four parts of Kurdistan, and it will be removed from the terrorist list, because it is a party that defends the people and fights for the truth, and its activities are not linked to acts of terrorism.”

Nadia Sheikh Mous, one of the lucky women who met Leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1996, considered the 27th of November a sacred day, because on this day a party was founded that was a salvation for the Kurdish people, namely the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Nadia Sheikh Mous congratulated the anniversary of the founding of the peoples Party and the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and described it as a humanitarian movement that fights to restore the rights of oppressed peoples. She said: “Previously, the Kurdish people were not able to recognize their Kurdishness, but today, through the struggle of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, we were able to be liberated from... "The chains they shackled us with."

As for Khalil Wahid Bilal, one of the old patriots who got to know the movement in the nineties, and he is the father of the martyr Kajin, he explained that the reason the Kurdistan Workers’ Party has remained until now, unlike the parties that preceded it, is that it presented martyrs, and he said: “It is the party of martyrs, it started from six people and today crowds of children are joining the party.”

Bilal pointed out that: “There is no party that sanctifies the martyrs like the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which makes sacrifices for the freedom of its people. Despite the attacks and conspiracies hatched against it, it stands strong and resists, and as long as the people and the party are cohesive, there is no force in the world capable of demolishing it.” This strong relationship, and all the credit goes to Leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

T/ Satt.