Hawar news agency plan 11-29-2023

Hawar news agency plan 11-29-2023
29 November 2023   02:00

The old patriots in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh see the attempts of international powers to separate the Kurdistan Workers’ Party from the people as a failure, and that the people saw the light through it, and they affirmed that November 27 is a holy day (attached with pictures and video).

A person often leaves beautiful traces behind him after leaving, which remain present in our memory in our hearts and souls, spreading their fragrance that has turned into an eternal covenant in the memory of every free person, a fragrance that is difficult to forget, because he touched our feelings with words and issues that were close to our souls (attached with pictures).

He was kidnapped at a young age and does not remember much of what happened to him and his family at the hands of ISIS mercenaries, until he was liberated in Idlib and arrived in Al-Hasakah to return from there to his village from which he was kidnapped in Şengal and among his family (attached with photos and video).

The co-chair of the Education Authority of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said that the decision to suspend school hours came due to the repercussions left by the siege of the Damascus government, explaining its rationale and the efforts of the Autonomous Administration to overcome it, and called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to intervene immediately, to save the educational process in al-Shahba (attached with photos and video).

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates Region has resumed the construction work of the municipal stadium, which was halted for a period due to the Turkish occupation attacks (photos and video attached).

The director of the Uprising Media Center in As-Suwayda, Murhaf Al-Shaer, confirmed that the protests are still with the same momentum more than 100 days after their launch. He pointed out that these protests succeeded in breaking the will of hegemony and exposing power and produced a major political transition, noting that the Damascus government is betting on the economic blockade and restrictions to end the protests, but the demands have not changed (photos attached).

The people of Kobani offer their condolences to the families of the two martyred fighters in the anti-terrorism units YAT, in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mahmoud Kobani (Mahmoud Oso) and Militan Kobani (Haji Khalil), who were martyred on November 23 in Al-Hasakah while performing their duties, at 10:00 (attached with photos and video).

Cooperative associations in North and East Syria will hold their second conference at the headquarters of the Democratic Union Party in the city of Hasakah at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The Notables and the Executive Council in Tabqa City will hold an expanded meeting under the slogan “Strengthening the Home Front to Achieve the Nation’s Democratic Goals and Preserve the Gains,” at the Cultural Center in Tabqa City at 11:00 (photos and video attached).

The Democratic Union Party in Manbij is organizing a memorial ceremony for the martyr Shilan Kobani and her companions in the Legislative Council hall at 11:00. Ceremonies will also be held in the Al-Furat Hall in the city of Kobani at 12:00. In the Jal Agha district of Qamishlo canton, the Martyrs’ Families Council will organize ceremonies in the Cultural Center hall at 12:30, and in TirpiSip will be held at 10:00, in the Tel Hamis district, it will be held in the Cultural Center, at 11:00, and in Darbasiyah, a ceremony will be held at 14:00 (photos and video attached).

The people of the city of Qamishlo will bury the body of citizen Feryat Buldan in the shrine of the martyr Dalil Sarukhan at 14:00 (photos and video attached).