What is an electoral card?

The electoral card was prepared by the High Elections Commission, and contains personal data as it appears in the identity card, and the addresses of those entitled to vote, and those who do not carry it will not be able to vote.

What is an electoral card?
19 May 2024   06:44

Municipal elections will be held in North and East Syria on June 11, and in preparation for them, the High Elections Commission was formed, and then its electoral committees were formed in 125 cities and towns distributed in the 7 cantons of the region.

During these elections, co-chairs of municipalities and members of local councils will be elected.

In order for all citizens entitled to vote to be able to cast their votes, electoral committees began distributing electoral cards.

Who is entitled to obtain an electoral card?

According to Article 7 of the Election Law, the electoral card is granted to anyone who has completed 18 years of age, is a resident of North and East Syria, or has resided in the region for 5 years and does not have any legal problems.

What does the card contain?

The electoral card contains personal data (name, mother's name, gender, place and date of birth) and address (name of city, town and commune).

Distributed through communes

Voter cards are distributed across the communes, and every citizen can receive them from the commune, where he receives them after writing his personal data on them, stamping them, and waiting for voting day.

It is not possible to vote without the card

All citizens wishing to vote must receive their electoral cards from the commune. Under the electoral law, individuals cannot cast their votes on election day without an electoral card, even if they are eligible to vote. That is, they cannot vote without carrying this card. Therefore, citizens must receive their cards and carry them on voting day.

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