Syrian politician explains goal of blockade, attacks on Afrin, Shahba

The member of the Syrian Democratic Council explained that the goal of the unjust siege  by the Damascus is to empty the region of its residents.

Syrian politician explains goal of blockade, attacks on Afrin, Shahba
16 December 2023   04:03

 The Damascus government continues its stifling siege of Afrin and Shahba cantons, and the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, causing the cessation of electricity generators operating on diesel, and thus a complete blackout of electricity since last November 23 in Shahba canton.

The siege also deprived tens of thousands of students from education as a result of the closure of schools on November 26. Afrin Hospital in Shahba has almost completely gone out of service, leaving the residents of Shahba and the displaced people of the occupied Afrin canton facing an unknown fate. A few days ago, the child Suzdar Hassan (4 years old) died of a cold.

In this context, Syrian Democratic Council member Dalia Hanan recalled the resistance of the displaced people of Afrin amid the difficult circumstances they are going through. She said: "The displaced people of Afrin endure the hardships of life in the camps in order to return to their homes," and praised this resistance, "It is an honorable resistance." Hanan warned, "If the siege continues, we will witness a humanitarian catastrophe." She stressed, "These policies will fail. The people will continue their resistance."

Hanan added, “The siege imposed by the Damascus government and the attacks are linked to each other. Their goal is to empty Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud, and Ashrafieh.”

She called on humanitarian organizations to carry out their tasks, "The lives of thousands are at risk. This siege is contrary to all principles and laws related to human rights. Humanitarian organizations must put pressure on the Damascus government to end the siege."