Syrian Human Rights Center: UN report is still below the level of war crimes committed by Turkey

The director of the Center for Documentation of Violations in North and East Syria said that the United Nations promised more investigations into the violence in the occupied areas of northern Syria, noting that the report of the United Nations Investigation Committee is still below the level of war crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries.

Syrian Human Rights Center: UN report is still below the level of war crimes committed by Turkey
15 March 2024   05:08

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria confirmed, in its report issued last Monday, that the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on areas of North and East Syria amount to war crimes.

The report stated that the Turkish occupation army launched its attacks on the North and East Syria, especially on power stations, depriving one million people of water and electricity for weeks, in violation of international humanitarian law. Civilians have also been killed in targeted drone attacks. Such attacks may amount to war crimes.

Commenting on the report issued by the United Nations, the director of the Center for Documentation of Violations, Mustafa Abdi, told ANHA's agency, saying: “The latest report of the International Investigation Committee is still below the level of atrocities and war crimes in Syria, which are behind Turkey, the Syrian regime, and its allies.”

Abdi explained that “the report, compared to previous reports, brought about a development in the committee’s work with the expansion of its team,” stressing that in the documentation center they met with the committee team and its heads and had a role in the report.

He added: "We periodically convey to them the need of the Syrian communities that are exposed to the harshest types of violations and organized crime, as Turkey stands directly behind many war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the destruction of infrastructure and the sources of livelihood of citizens in northern Syria, with the aim of displacing the population of the region within a broad plan that seeks Erdogan to implement it in northern Syria, targeting its demographic, to establish a colony under the cover of a safe zone.”

Mustafa Abdi also indicated that they are successively conveying the Center’s opinions to the investigators of the Investigation Committee, and stressing the necessity of sending them to fact-finding teams, collecting data through field visits, and meeting with the families of the victims of the ongoing Turkish attacks. Although the Violations Documentation Center team has provided means to facilitate their access to the victims or their families.

In conclusion, Mustafa Abdi said that there are promises of more comprehensiveness in the committee’s upcoming reports, and to focus more attention on the catastrophic consequences of the Turkish attacks, drone bombing, and the destruction of life in the Autonomous Administration of North and Eat Syria, in addition to further investigation into the systematic violations targeting civilians and their property in the areas occupied by Turkey in northern Syria, where it displaced two-thirds of its population, plundered their property, and established colonies there.

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