Protests against usurpation of people's will in Van

The people of the city of Van in northern Kurdistan rose up against the decision of AKP and MHP to seize the municipality, which was won by the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party, and the protests are still continuing.

Protests against usurpation of people's will in Van
3 April 2024   13:41

DEM party achieved a major victory in the local elections held in northern Kurdistan and Turkey on March 31. The party won all the municipalities in the city of Van (14 municipalities). But after the elections, the mayoral mandate for the major city of Van was given to the Justice and Development Party candidate, instead of being granted to the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party candidate who won the election, Abdullah Zidane. That is why thousands of people took to the streets and squares yesterday and rose up against injustice.

The protests of Van continue today, and according to the Mesopotamia News Agency, all shops in the city have been closed, and the people have gone out in mass marches from 7 different areas in the city, chanting the slogan, “Abdullah Zidane represents our dignity.”

Turkish security forces attacked the protesters in some areas with gas bombs, while residents placed several barriers to confront them.

Worth to note that the people continue to arrive to join the protests.