Hawar news agency plan ANHA 5-16-2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 5-16-2024
16 May 2024   02:00

The Hawler massacre is a turning point in the history of the Kurdish people, as the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani, who swore on his father’s grave not to betray or cooperate with the Turkish occupation, committed a massacre against a group of wounded and patriotic Kurdistan Freedom Movement fighters. (Video and photos attached)

The High Election Commission in Tabqa Canton formed 9 electoral committees for the cities and towns of the canton , as part of the ongoing preparations in North and East Syria, for the municipal elections scheduled for next June 11. (Video and photos attached)

The family of Dajwar Ismail, a prisoner for freedom whose release has been postponed for 3 years, explained that he was ill and expressed their concern for his life. (Video and photos attached)

The Kurdish language witnessed many important stages in the history of its spread among the residents of the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in Aleppo. Despite the challenges imposed by the siege and attacks, the strong desire to learn the mother tongue was the main factor in bringing about a radical change in her future, as she moved from secret to public study. (Video and photos attached)

Pull carts are a present heritage and a common means of transportation, used by the women of a village in Deir ez-Zor canton to transport loads and carry out their daily work and needs. (Video and photos attached)

A Syrian politician considered the Biden administration's recent withdrawal of the anti-normalization project with the Damascus Government, and talk of disagreements between the latter and Iran, because of pressure on the US President's administration, and the Damascus government's political and military position on the war between Hamas and Israel.

The people of the city of Abu Qalqal in Manbij canton are organizing a march demanding the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan, starting in front of the Civil Council of the city of Abo Qalqal, at 10:00 (video and photos attached)

The people of the city of al-Shaddadi go out in a mass demonstration denouncing the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 11:00 (video and photos attached).

The people of the Euphrates District will mourn the body of the martyr in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Agid Kobani, in addition to a ceremony in absentia for the martyr in the People's Defense Forces, Deniz Aras Kobani, at the shrine of the martyr Dijla in the city of Kobani at 11:00 (video and photos attached).