Panorama of the week: Erdogan invokes history; Qatar uses its relations with Hamas

Erdogan seeks to cover up his lack of action in support of Gaza, as he claimed, by relying on a historical series, while escalation increases on the Lebanese borders, while Qatar uses its relations with Hamas to achieve its interests.

Panorama of the week: Erdogan invokes history; Qatar uses its relations with Hamas
19 November 2023   08:00

Arab newspapers published during the past week touched on the Turkish position on the escalation in Gaza and the effects of this escalation on Lebanon, in addition to the termination of Al-Halbousi’s membership in the Iraqi Parliament.

Erdogan enters the Gaza battle with a historic series

Starting with the Turkish position on the escalation in Gaza, and in this context, Al-Arab newspaper indicated that Turkish television chose to air its series “The Conqueror of Jerusalem, Saladin Al-Ayoubi,” in conjunction with the escalation between Israel and Hamas, at a time politically directed to secure the “entry” of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Battle of Gaza from the gate of one of the historical series, with the aim of projecting the past onto the present and taking advantage of its momentum and significance to alleviate the limitations of movement in the present.

Al-Halbousi is outside the political process

Regarding the Iraqi issue, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper touched on the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq’s termination of Muhammad Al-Halbousi’s membership in Parliament, and subsequently, his presidency of the legislative authority, thus redrawing the Sunni map in the country. The decision to dismiss Al-Halbousi, which came after postponements that lasted for about a year in a thorny case involving the Speaker of Parliament and former Sunni MP Laith Al-Dulaimi, was considered surprising and represented a political earthquake, both in the size of its impact and in its timing. Al-Halbousi is one of the difficult figures in the political process in Iraq, which was built on the basis of component balance.

Lebanese concern

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Jumhuriya, in turn, quoted international diplomatic sources as saying that the situation in southern Lebanon is very worrying, and we informed the responsible authorities in Lebanon of our concerns and the urgent need to avoid what might lead to dire consequences. Unfortunately, despite the direct assurances we hear, we do not see any commitment by the parties to the decision.

Qatar is exploiting its relationship with Hamas and Islamic movements

In a related context, Al-Arab newspaper believes that Qatar is doing everything in its power to take advantage of the difficult situation in which Hamas is located, to demonstrate its ability to win the satisfaction of the Americans by facilitating the release of the hostages and responding to what US President Joe Biden personally requests for a quick resolution of this issue, and Qatar wants using its relationship with Hamas and other Islamic movements to show that it has a regional influence, and that Washington can bet on it in softening the positions of these movements, as happened with the Taliban.

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