Ocalan freedom is essential for oppressed peoples

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Free Life Party, Siyamend Mûînî, described the global campaign “Freedom for Ocalan, the political solution”

Ocalan freedom is essential for oppressed peoples
19 November 2023   03:01

There is no information available about Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been detained in Imrali prison under strict isolation for two years and 7 months. In protest against this isolation and demanding the realization of his physical freedom, a campaign was launched from the French city of Strasbourg on October 10 last under the name “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue.”

The campaign was launched in 74 centers around the world simultaneously, and continues with the participation of people and well-known personalities in Kurdistan and 6 continents in the world.

In an evaluation of the campaign, the co-chair of the Kurdistan Free Life Party, Siyamend Mûînî, spoke to ANHA agency.

Adopting the campaign is a necessity.”

Siyamend Mûînî described the campaign as “valuable” and said: “All of humanity and all peoples of the world must embrace it (the campaign) and act according to the requirements of the stage. To understand the reasons for arresting Leader APO and imposing strict isolation on him, the role of the leader and his personality must be explained and understood in light of the changes of the neoliberal era.”

 “Isolation becomes more severe during periods of chaos.”

“With the model of freedom, leader APO offers the solution to all oppressed peoples and the Kurdish people.” With these words, Siyamend Mûînî explained that the dominant powers consider the leader’s model to be an obstacle in their path. He said: “That is why the international conspiracy was hatched against leader APO and they put him in prison. They do not allow him to express his opinions and ideas in the country.” stages of chaos, and they intensify the isolation even more, and the world did not lift a finger towards what is happening of inhuman practices.

 “Isolation means continuing problems.”

Siyamend Mûînî pointed out that the key to the solution is Leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said: “Leader APO has actually created a new phase for regional and global politics through the idea of democratic modernity as an alternative solution. Leader APO, through the map of democratic Autonomous Administration under the umbrella of democratic confederation, offers the solution to all The problems of the Middle East and the door is closed in the face of crises, so the democratic nation is considered the most appropriate solution against the system implemented by capitalism and the nation-state, and therefore the freedom of the Kurdish people and the people of the region is linked to the struggle and philosophy of Leader APO. The freedom of Leader Apo and the application of his model represents the key to the solution to all crises in the Middle East, and for this reason, continuing isolation means continuing occupation, violence, worsening people’s suffering, and environmental and women’s problems.”

T/ Satt.