Hawar news agency plan 11-19-2023

Hawar news agency plan 11-19-2023
19 November 2023   02:00

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Free Life Party, Syamand Muini, described the global campaign “Freedom for Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue” as valuable, and explained its importance and the reasons for adopting it by the peoples of the world (attached with pictures).

Leader Abdullah Ocalan confirms that the nation-state does not solve issues, but rather produces them. He explained: “Insisting on the nation-state means more issues, rivalry, and conflict” (attached with pictures).

“While we were transporting the wounded from the Turkish bombing on the power station, suddenly I heard the sound of Turkish planes hovering over the site, and they began bombing. Body parts were scattered everywhere, scenes whose details I will never forget as long as I live.” This was the statement of one of the survivors of the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation in the village Tal Baqal in the countryside of the city of Derik in NE,Syria, on November 20 of last year (attached with photos).

Erdogan is seeking to cover up his lack of action in support of Gaza, as he claimed, by relying on a historical series, while the escalation on the Lebanese borders is increasing, while Qatar is exploiting its relations with Hamas to achieve its interests (attached with pictures).

Female participants in training courses launched by the Free Women’s Endowment on an ongoing basis spoke about the usefulness of these training courses, which contribute to developing their skills and raising their professional level (attached with photos and video).

A series of different events are being held in several regions and cities in northern and eastern Syria on the occasion of the approaching International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which falls on November 25th, and are organized by women’s organizations and offices in different places and hours (photos and video attached)

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, the Women’s Office in the Democratic Society Movement is organizing a celebration for children in the Reading Park in the city of Qamishlo, at 11:00 (photos and video attached).