Newroz, Women, messages of challenge for humanity's enemies - Hevidar khaled

Newroz, Women, messages of challenge for humanity's enemies - Hevidar khaled
26 March 2024   05:07

Newroz in 2024 was a distinctive . This phrase was echoed by many who participated in the celebrations and followed them on television. Yes, everyone participated in Newroz and interacted with this National Kurdish Spring Day. However, this time, women's participation was more distinctive and prestigious, in a glittering presence that exceeded expectations, surrounded by bright colors from all sides.

Yes, women have decorated Newroz Square this year, starting with the al-Shahba area where the IDPs of the occupied city of Afrin reside, to the Syrian city of Aleppo and Manbij, passing through the bride of Euphrates al-Raqqa, and then Khabur al-Hasakah, Qamishlo is the cradle of the Kurd uprising against the Ba 'ath policies, and from there to the quarter of the multicultural the city of Deirk. with outstanding, valuable and unique contributions from women, which have strengthened their role in these enthusiastic and prestigious ceremonies, the hope and optimism of tomorrow are most beautiful, having participated in and led the events of this great day, and carried this sacred mission on its shoulders.

Popular Kurdish costumes colored women overwhelmed all arenas celebrating Newroz Day and each color has a telling story that tells lots and lots, and each outfit carries with it a special message for the viewers. But it is clear and frank to those who are reluctant to struggle with women, and hence this outfit derives its elegance and impressive and surprising difference in distinctive scene, folkloric dances and popular Dabka performances performed at celebration theatres, sent a resounding message such as a lightning strike against women's hostilities and struggles; Because it was demanding its freedom by demanding the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and resolving the Kurdish issue. The slogan advocated by the peoples of the region in Newroz this year.

Women in the North and East of Syria decorated the arenas to increase the nature around them, the women's groups that participated in the celebrations added a chic and a beautiful cast to Newroz. It dealt a blow to the politics and miserable productions of the system of capitalist modernism, which tries to deprive peoples of all their cultural and social elements and to cut off their breath once and for all.

The solidarity of the majestic feminists and their frontline at the Newroz celebrations is a powerful message to enemies that they stand up to the policies of cultural extermination they want to impose on them, and through it they try to undermine the achievements and gains made in this ancient geographical spot. Yes, the woman was at the forefront of the celebrations; Because it's the thirst for freedom... She says, "Here in North and East Syria, there are sacrifices here in the struggle. We remain on the Covenant until the sun of freedom shines and illuminates the path of our peoples. 

T/ Satt.