Manbij clans: We are on full alert to confront Turkish attacks

The sheikhs and notables of the Arab tribes in Manbij canton indicated that the Turkish occupation attacks primarily target the livelihood of the people, and they affirmed the readiness of all the tribes to fight against the occupation and confront its attacks.

Manbij clans: We are on full alert to confront Turkish attacks
31 December 2023   06:03

The Turkish occupation state has intensified its attacks on North and East Syria since December 23, as these attacks resulted in the martyrdom of 8 citizens and the wounding of dozens with various injuries, and many vital facilities and sites were out of service as a result of the targeting.

In this regard, the sheikh of the Bani Asid clan, Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq al-Asidi, said: “We the sheikhs and notables of the tribes know very well what the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries want. They want to occupy the Syrian geography and achieve the Misak-ı Millî. We stand against these attacks and against all the occupation’s expansionist efforts.”

 “We will be the supporting shoulder for our fighting sons.”

Al-Asidi condemned the international silence regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on North and East Syria, striking the infrastructure, services, and hospitals, and fighting the Syrian people with their strength and livelihood. He said about these attacks: “(Turkey) wants to displace the people from their lands.”

Al-Asidi stressed, "The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria includes a fabric of components that represent our sons, and no matter how much the Turkish occupation escalates its attacks, we will remain steadfast in its face, and we will be the supporting shoulder for our sons fighting on the front lines. We and them are the impenetrable dam that destroys the occupation's dreams of expansion."

"The occupation is waging a war of genocide against the Syrian people"

One of the sheikhs of the Bani Saeed clan, Sheikh Fahd al-Shalash, supported Sheikh Al-Asidi’s statement that the Turkish occupation’s attacks on Syrian lands and its people are using a policy of starvation and killing. He considered the Turkish occupation’s policy in the region a war of extermination against the Syrian people, especially the people of North and East Syria. He said: “It will cut us off.” Water and targets gas, electricity and oil facilities, hospitals and mills. These are war crimes and an attempt to exterminate the population of the region.”

Al-Shalash added: "We, the people of North and East Syria, and the sons of the tribes, support our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces. These forces are our sons, and if the occupation attacks our regions, then we are all alongside our forces in the trenches defending the land, the honor, and the people, and we do not accept any occupation from any party."

Fahd Al-Shalash stressed at the conclusion of his speech, "The international community must take the necessary measures and prevent this barbaric attack on our land, our people, and our children and women. We defend our people until the last drop of our blood, and everyone who tries to break us and eliminate our project will lose."

 “These attacks increase our determination to cling to the land.”

For his part, one of the sheikhs of the Al-Bubna clan, Sheikh Farouk Al-Mashi, explained that the Turkish occupation attacks come to implement the agenda of the Justice and Development Party to destabilize security and stability in the region by targeting vital facilities and hospitals.

Al-Mashi said: "The occupation attacks do not frighten us. On the contrary, they increase our determination and adherence to the soil of the homeland and the sacrifices of the martyrs."

Farouk Al-Mashi stressed at the conclusion of his speech, "When our country needs to be defended, we are for it, and the Syrian Democratic Forces are members of the tribes. We are ready to defend the democratic project that we are building and defend the security and stability of our regions."

T/ Satt.